Gourmet Ovens

Our all-purpose cooking ovens Etna are perfect for your everyday cooking. Many people still relate wood fired ovens with only wood fired pizza, but really in this wood fired oven you can cook anything you can cook in your kitchen oven. The Etna Gourmet oven can turn a simple family meal or a dinner with friends into something special. You can even spit roast your Christmas ham in the Etna with our additional especially designed Rotisserie set. The protrusion in the back wall of the oven serves to hold the rotisserie rod, the motor sits on the lower oven door. For more details please see Accessories.

Etna 100

Gourmet Ovens Etna


Etna Pietra 100

Gourmet Ovens Etna


Etna 120

Gourmet Ovens Etna



Gourmet Ovens My-Chef


My-Chef Art Edition

Gourmet Ovens My-Chef Art