My-Chef Art Edition Overview

In addition to our latest gourmet oven My-Chef, we are presenting this unique wood fired oven.
The Art Edition of My-Chef is decorated with unique glass mosaic artwork over the stainless steel shell.

The making of our My-Chef Art oven
My Chef's design consists of a double skin, punched stainless steel dome, with insulation between the double spheres. Then, mosaic is applied by an artist on top of the stainless steel shell.
The commercial grade insulation of the oven dome and floor and the fire brick oven floor make this oven ideal for slow cooking as well. It will retain the heat after  for example a pizza pizza night, so you can do slow cooking overnight or the next morning in the remaining heat.
The dome of this unique wood fired oven is insulated with a double, 50mm thick ceramic blanket and insulating fire clay.
Under the refractory floor tiles is a 40mm thick, high density ceramic fibreboard ensuring the heat stays in the oven.

Cooking in the My-Chef Art
This Limited Edition My-Chef Art is ideal for cooking all sorts of dishes. It can turn a simple family meal or a dinner with friends into something special. And of course your Chef cooks the perfect wood fired pizza too! Your Chef wood fired oven will make cooking and entertaining with your family and friends better than ever before.

Outdoor Oven.
My Chef Art, whichever design you choose, will be the finishing touch to your outdoor setting. With its unique mosaic design, it is like adding art to you home, with the great additional benefit that it also brings you the best tasting meals and hours of entertaining with family and friends. It looks fantastic and cooks even better!
We also have an elegant  trolley stand for this gourmet oven, making it easy to move your oven around to the area where you would like to use it and then roll it back to where you want to see it.

The My-Chef Art edition ovens are currently in stock. They are also available in other custom colours and patterns. Get in touch with our team to discus making a one of a kind, custom Art Addition wood fired oven.

My-Chef also comes with My Woodfiredoven's well known customer care: we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have about wood fired cooking, wood fire and temperature control inside the oven, recipes, so everything you need to make you a confident and happy wood fired Chef.




My-Chef Art Edition Features

Unique Design Features

  • Double walled, punched stainless steel dome, finished with mosaics
  • Mosaic applied on stainless steel by artist, unique designs
  • Refractory brick oven floor for the best crispy Italian pizza
  • Double layer (50mm) of ceramic blanket in the dome for better heat retention
  • 40mm Thick compressed ceramic board under the oven floor!
  • Stainless steel, double walled and insulated oven door with viewing glass
  • Stainless steel chimney with cap 90 cm
  • Stainless steel fire separator to avoid wood from falling on your food
  • Digital laser thermometer for extra ease of use

The My-Chef Art edition ovens are currently in stock. They are also available in other custom colours and patterns. Get in touch with our team to discuss making a one of a kind, custom Art Addition wood fired oven.


Only 1 left in stock


My-Chef Art Edition Details



Internal : W80 x D100 x H40 cm
External : W105 x D115 x H62 cm
Weight: 275 kg
Door opening W50 x H23 cm
​Fits 2 large oven dishes ​
Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas 11 inch

Limited Edition Art series:
Waves Copper, Waves Celeste


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  • Jonathan

    Thank you - it’s beautiful! It is the centrepiece of our dining setup now. Jonathan Box, Auckland

  • Russell Holt

    I have loved the investment of my Chef pizza oven and it has been a focus point in entertaining the family and guests.I specifically like modifying old classic roasting methods in the wood fire oven and naturally roasting trays of veges with ease for accompaniments also.Looking forward to experimenting more this summer now daylight saving has kicked in !Thanks for a good looking/ great value oven.Cheers, Russell Holt, Auckland

  • Chris Slater

    Our pizza oven is now in place in the patio. We have managed to source some 3 year old dried Manuka wood so are pretty pleased with that. Ordeal since our first use of our oven: Best oven and best pizzas ever. Chris Slater, Tauranga

  • Richard Mason

    I tell you what.. that Pizza oven got a good workout during the lockdown. We did pizza at least once every few days. I was using it so much that I decided to put the cover away as the oven was not cooling enough before the next firing! We are enjoying cooking in our pizza oven so much. The pizzas are coming out just amazing. I have noticed that the next morning the oven is still around 150C even if I don’t add a log at the end of the pizza baking session. So next time I will do slow…

  • Michael

    I have made quite a lot of pizzas since I've had it and a couple of casseroles I even made a steamed pudding in it and it came out great. In my dough mixture I use some greek yoghurt and a little olive oil and I get a nice soft crispy pizza base. The oven works great and I use it quite a lot when I have some free time. Over summer I will use it a lot more. I've been using Pohutukawa and Oak for the wood.Thanks again Christi & Giuseppe!!Mike, Big Smoke BBQ New Zealand