About Us

Giuseppe is from Puglia, Italy, where food is an important part of the lifestyle. It is all about sharing and caring when friends and family catch up around the table. Most families have a wood fired oven in their backyard or use the community oven in the village to bake their home made breads or slow cooked soups and stews. Such a beautiful custom.

“Being Italian, good food is important to me. My passion for wood fired cooking comes from my childhood memories, we had a wood fired oven in the backyard where my mother would bake the bread and then put a pignata or meat or soup to slow cook in the retained heat.
I guess that is why I know exactly what I want from a wood fired oven. I am very specific about how an oven should perform.

I believe everybody should have the chance to cook in a wood fired oven. It is such a genuine, social and entertaining way of cooking! It takes us back to times where food was actually simple but delicious. Healthy food is growing in popularity and having your own wood fired makes it easy to create simple, healthy and delicious meals that become the centre of shared time with family and friends.

That is what inspired us to design our own line of top quality handmade wood fired ovens for all Australia and New Zealand to enjoy.

Over the years I have continued to improve my ovens to the ovens they are today. They are very popular and most of our customers come to us through word of mouth. ”

And My-woodfiredoven’s famous customer service is a big part of that too.
When you decide to have your own wood fired oven from us we will keep looking after you, you become part of our famiglia. We will share new recipes, pizza making videos, tips and tricks, and love to hear about your cooking experiences too.”