Portable Ovens

This great little wood fired pizza oven is a must have for anyone who cares about good food and fun. It fits 2 large pizzas at the time and cooks your homemade pizza to perfection in 2 minutes. So even for a bigger crowd it will do a perfect job. Have fun with your kids or invite your friends for a pizza party, preparing together and sharing the results over a glass of wine is the best night out at home!
And it’s ease of use and very fast heat up time make it ideal for your everyday family meal too: in 15 minutes it is ready for cooking! So much better than your kitchen oven as this pizza oven just changes a simple meal into something special without any effort. That authentic wood fire flavour is hard to match! And since the heat up time is the same, why would you use your kitchen oven if you can save power, can have a fabulous wood fired dinner and can enjoy the atmosphere that cooking in your wood fired oven brings.
This great little wood fired pizza oven with its neat design is a welcome feature to your outdoor area. It even fits on your balcony.

Handmade in Portugal for you to enjoy: Portable pizza oven Maximus, minimum weight but maximum results!


Portable Pizza Oven



Portable Pizza Oven


NEW: Piccolo with rotating floor !

Portable wood fired oven

$1,200.00 $1,065.00

Portable pizza oven Maximus

Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven