Portable Ovens

What makes this portable ovens (wood fired ovens) special is its very fast heat up time of 20 minutes and its light weight of only 55 kg.
Made of stainless steel and aluminium, this great little wood fire oven with its neat design is a welcome feature for your backyard, patio, veranda and even for your balcony, and is great to take with you on any outdoor adventure.
Very economic wood use.
Great for everyday use at home: the heat up time is the same as your kitchen oven, the difference is in the taste!

Portable ovens Maximus (wood fired oven): minimum weight, maximum results!

Portable oven MAXI Maximus

Portable Oven Maxi


Portable pizza oven Maximus

Portable Wood Fire Oven Maximus


Portable oven Maximus with Trolley

Portable Oven Maximus

$1,625.00 $1,225.00