Etna 120 Overview

Made for the larger families amongst us or for the big entertainers, the Etna large gourmet and pizza oven, measuring 100cm internally, can handle up to 4 large oven dishes or 4 large pizzas at the time. You can cook anything from your everyday family meal to a complete dinner for your friends, and of course the best wood fired pizza and tasty bread.

Cooking in the large Etna gourmet oven.
The higher dome of the Etna oven makes it a perfect all round oven. The higher domes ensures for an even heat circulation, making it ideal for a great variarity of recipes, from roasts, fish, vegetable dishes, curries, soups, and of course the perfect Italian pizza and home made bread, all with that authentic aroma only wood fire can give.
We also have a Rotisserie Set for this gourmet oven, making it even more versatile.
And you will receive Giuseppe's digital recipe booklet with your pizza oven to give you some great ideas, but trying out your own recipes is the best way to enjoy your wood oven with your friends and family. You will see how easy and enjoyable cooking will be.

Outdoor Oven.
The Etna looks is a really nice feature on for example a brick stand, or as an addition to your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. The new finish protects it from the elements, and the chimney outlet and door are in stainless steel.  However just like with a bbq, use a cover during rainy periods or if you don't use your oven for a while. Or you can set it up in your patio, under an awning or on the verandah. We do have chimney extensions if you need to go through the roof.

The making of the Etna gourmet ovens.
Like all our brick oven models, the large gourmet and pizza oven Etna 120 oven is built by hand from refractory bricks, and insulated with insulating cement, insulating blanket and again insulating cement. That is 3 layers of insulation. It is finished with a structured white render. However we will supply a high performance acrylic outdoor sealant for free in the colours sand, charcoal or terra cotta if you prefer your oven coloured.
The internal door structure, the chimney outlet and oven door are in stainless steel. The oven floor has 3cm refractory bricks. All in all, the Etna oven is the most versatile domestic wood fired oven to suit your family.

The Etna 120 is a custom made, large oven. Contact us for availability and to discuss custom options. Delivery available Australia wide

Etna 120 Features

Unique Design Features

  • Refractory brick oven built by hand, triple insulated and ready to use
  • Stainless Steel door structure and large double oven door 40x40cm
  • Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap included in the price
  • Chimney valve for smoking of fish, meats and more
  • Structured finish in white for optimum protection
  • Acrylic outdoor sealant if you wish to colour your oven included
  • Laser handheld gun thermometer for more accurate temperature reading included
  • Handmade Portuguese terra cotta oven dish, free gift
  • Digital booklet with tips, instructions and plenty recipes

The Etna 120 is a custom made, large oven. Contact us for availability and to discuss custom options. Delivery available Australia wide.

Brick Red/Terra Cotta
Brick Red/Terra Cotta

Etna 120 Details



Internal : W93-95 x D100 x H45-47 cm

External : W120 x D120 x H75 cm

Weight: 850 kg

Fits 4 large oven dishes

Pizza capacity: 4-5 large pizzas Ø 30 cm


Wood fired oven rotisserie

$145.00 Details

Wood fired oven Pizza Peel Set

$155.00 Details

Pizza oven tool set

$225.00 Details

Pizza oven tool set stand

$115.00 Details
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  • Kelly-Anne

    We have received our oven and placed it into its forever home. Such an amazing centre piece to our tropical garden!Thank you so much for all your help.You've been a pleasure to deal with.I can't wait to cure it and then get cooking.Kelly Anne Redding

  • Stephen Wilson

    So Happy with this oven !!!!!! What a wonderful service you guys provide , we will be recommending you to all our friends, as we slowly convert them and excite them when they come over for dinner ha ha , thanks again !!!!Stephen Wilson

  • Krystle Thompson

    We love our oven and have been using it a bit, but mostly for Pizza.... now we are getting better at managing temp/fire we are looking forward to cooking other things too! I need to get better at pre-preparing meals... so if we have a pizza night I have other things ready to cook as the temp dies down. We would welcome any tips and recipes too! Krystle Thompson Bent Electrical & Trade Pty Ltd

  • Judith and Mick Day

    Hi there. We are just loving having our Etna. We have had so many pizza nights with our friends. Roasts, stews, casseroles and breads galore also. Even an apple crumble. There’s one small problem though. I’m finding it hard to find photos for you. I take many ‘prep’ photos and even ‘cooking’ photos but no ‘end result’ photos because the meals are eaten straight away with hardly any left overs!!!! I did manage to upload a beef stew video to your facebook page. I will endeavor to take some pictures of pizzas cooked this weekend. Now if that’s the worst…

  • Owen & Terese Ives

    Just wanted to say we are really happy with our big Etna oven. We made a few mistakes at first but we are getting better and keep trying new things. We cooked a couple of lamb shanks last weekend, that came out so nice! We can’t speak well enough, we really like the oven and all the great service, and thank you for the big pot. It is lovely. Owen & Terese Ives, Cairns

  • Peter Bull

    I’m extremely happy with your service and the Etna oven. The setup is not quite finished but ready to use for Christmas and I love it. Thank you very much. Peter Bull

  • Amy Gameiro

    Thought I give you an update. We have used the oven so much and absolutely love it. I made the most amazing pork roast, the best crackling I have ever made! We can't wait till we can use the rotisserie we just received. All depends on these fires, we have one right near us at the moment so are on a total fire ban. The rotisserie might have to wait until the new year. Have a great Christmas and new year and will def send pics when I get to cook in it again Amy x

  • Amy Gameiro

    Hi Christi, Thank you so much for the video’s, they were very helpful. I cant wait to start cooking in the oven, I love to cook and this is such a great way to do it 😊 Thanks again Amy

  • Frank Giudice

    We did oven roasted potatoes and pork fennel sausages with olive oil and rosemary, it came out fantastic. We are happy with our choice of the large gourmet oven! Roberto was great in meeting me at the depot after hours, big thank you to him . Cheers Frank Giudice

  • Michael de Leeuw

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to use my big Etna oven as much as possible but it has been a bit cold down here. Looking forward to nicer weather to entertain. Got the fire side of the oven going well, still working on the dough. Would love a good dough recipe, I tried a couple Regards Michael de Leeuw

  • Jamie Davidson

    Hi Christi and Giuseppe, The pizza oven is going great and using it most weekends. Have had plenty of people ask me where i got it, hopefully you are getting some orders. Kind regards Jamie Davidson | Director | Senior Valuer MVS New England and North West

  • Mark and Michelle Bradshaw

    Christi, thanks for the email. Our big pizza oven is great thanks. Mark and Michelle Bradshaw

  • Anna e James

    Buon Natale e un Manifico 2015 a Christi e Giuseppe ! We are so enjoying our Wood Fired Oven! Prepared all the meats today in the oven. Buonissimo!! Ciao Anna e James

  • Jan McLennan

    Thank you I wish you a merry Christmas The oven is going great the people who have had one say the pizzas are great Cheers Jan McLennan

  • Ash Marsland

    Hi there! Thanks for the wonderful christmas email!! We had all our friends over after christmas for pizza! It was amazing! Just wondering if I could grab a postage quote for the pizza peel twin set. Chat soon:-) Regards Ash Marsland

  • Maurizio Bianco

    Best wood oven! Everyone is impressed! Also, more importantly such great service from Christi and Giuseppe. Thanks so much. Maurizio Bianco

  • Paul & Lesley Gleeson

    Hi Giuseppe & Christi attached is a photo of the pizza oven I purchased from you last year. We love it & I have nearly mastered cooking a great wood fired pizza. Thank you Paul & Lesley Gleeson

  • Karen Russell

    Hi Christi, Happy new Year! We and our friends especially are loving pizza nights in our Etna oven . Still working on my roasting skills the 1st we ate at 10.00pm as my fire and timing were out the second at 7pm but a bit too well done after resting meat. Regards, Karen Russell

  • Monica Santos

    Thank you again for everything, whenever someone asks us for an oven will direct them to you Regards Monica Santos

  • Alvaro Goncalves

    Hi Christie, thank-you for all your help and great service. I am overseas at the moment but when I get back I will send you some nice photos of our kitchen which is now complete. We are up and running and hope to enjoy our oven for many years to come. Kind Regards, Alvaro

  • Jodie Nicholls

    Thank you, yes pizza oven the best for entertaining, use all the time ! Cheers, Jodie

  • Brett & Deb Taylor

    Hi Christi & Giuseppe, Thank you for following up the delivery of the oven for us today. Looking at it, it is just what we where looking for and compliment you on your workmanship. Again, thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Brett & Deb Taylor

  • Tony@ Susan

    Hi Christi. Have got the big boy home and he looks fantastic.Susan said she could sit in the shed and look at him all night.!!!Hopefully she changes her mind about that.!In regards to freight costs people are aware of the costs to get stuff into the state and the quality of your product will encourage Tasmanians to bring them into the state.We are so pleased with him.If I could ask one favour ,could you send me a recipe that you use to make pizza dough for your ovens. Cheers Tony@ Susan.

  • Jacqui Hart

    Hi Christi! Hope all is going well I will send more photos once we have finished the base but I thought I'd let you know how much we are loving the oven! We have already cooked two chickens, a turkey, and several pizzas I am about to attempt the cedar plank salmon too. We will be cooking our Christmas turkey as well. Thanks again for everything and will be in touch Kindest regards, Jacqui Hart

  • Steven Clare

    Hi Christi, Merry Christmas! Just letting you know the pizza oven arrived in good time and we managed to hide it in a shipping container on the farm. I never manage to surprise my husband but he had no idea! He loves it. It looks amazing and we can't wait to get it going. I may be able to send you some nice photos with crops in the background when it's all set up. Thanks for your wonderful customer care. Nikki Thank you for a lovely product! Steven Clare