Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Pizzaioli

The wood fired pizza oven Pizzaioli is the perfect oven for wood fired pizza lovers.
The lower dome assures faster and more direct heat reflection back to 
the cooking floor and that is where the heat needs to be for pizza baking. To cook a pizza to perfection 
you need a constant oven floor temperature of around 300 to 350’C to allow for your pizza to cook in 2 to 3 minutes. The lower oven dome is especially designed for this purpose as it is all 
about heat reflection at the short moment of cooking.
And of course your can cook lovely roasts, chicken, 
vegetables, bread and such as well in this pizza oven.
You will receive more detailed cooking tips 
with your oven.

The wider oven door of 50cm makes it easier to handle the pizzas inside the pizza oven. It has air holes with which you can regulate for more or less air inlet to manage the fire. See the manual that comes with your pizza oven.

Pizzaioli Classic 100

Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli


Pizzaioli Rustic 100

Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli


Pizzaioli Pietra 100

Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli


Pizzaioli 120

Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli