Etna Rustic Overview

As the Etna Classic oven, this new version of our Etna oven series also is an all rounder. Having friends over for a perfect pizza night, turning your family meals into something special and entertaining, making beautiful home made bread, or a complete dinner for your guests, nothing is too much for the Etna Rustic gourmet pizza ovens.
Wood fired cooking is the most enjoyable and social way of cooking, and the Etna turns any meal into a feast for your family and friends.

Cooking in the Etna oven.
The higher dome of the Etna ensures for an even heat circulation, making it ideal for a great variety of recipes, from roasts, fish, vegetable dishes, curries, soups, and of course the perfect Italian pizza and home made bread, all with that authentic aroma only wood fire can give. And you can slow cook soups , stews,  pulled pork and many other dishes, and even smoke fish, turkey, eggplant, capsicum and you name it.
We also have a Rotisserie Set for this oven, making it even more versatile.
You can check Giuseppe's digital recipe booklet for some great ideas, but trying out your own recipes is the best way to enjoy your wood oven with your friends and family. You will see how easy and enjoyable cooking will be.

Outdoor Oven.
The Etna Rustic looks great in your outdoor area as either a free stand on a grey brick, timber or metal base. Or integrated into your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. Your wood fired oven will be a stunning addition to your patio or your verandah. The new finish protects it from the elements, and the chimney outlet and door are in stainless steel.  However just like with a bbq, use a cover during rainy periods or if you don't use your oven for a while. We do have covers too. Or you can set it up in your patio, under an awning or on the verandah. We do have chimney extensions if you need to go through the roof.

The making of the Etna Rustic gourmet and pizza oven.
Hand made for you in the south or Portugal from all natural materials.
This Etna Rustic gourmet and pizza oven has a dark grey brick door arch, and the double hinged doors are in cast aluminium with viewing glass. The internal door structure, the chimney valve and chimney are in  stainless steel. It is insulated with insulating cement, insulating blanket and another layer of insulating cement. So 3 layers of insulation.
The ovens come standard with a structured white coating. If you prefer  your oven coloured as per our photos, we have a complimentary supply of high performance acrylic outdoor sealant  in the terra cotta, sand or charcoal colour.
See the video and read more about the making of our ovens here.

The new Etna Rustic is in stock, available for delivery Australia wide

Etna Rustic Features

Unique Design Features

  • Refractory brick oven built by hand, triple insulated and ready to use
  • Hinged, double doors in cast Aluminium with rustic look and viewing glass
  • Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap included in the price
  • Chimney valve for smoking of fish, meats and more
  • Structured render finish in white for optimum protection
  • Acrylic outdoor sealant if you wish to colour your oven for free
  • Laser handheld gun thermometer for more accurate temperature reading included
  • Handmade Portuguese terra cotta oven dish for free
  • Digital booklet with tips, instructions and plenty recipes

The new Etna Rustic is in stock, available for delivery Australia wide

Brick Red/Terra Cotta
Brick Red/Terra Cotta

Etna Rustic 100 Details



Internal : W73-75 x D 85 x H38-40 cm

External : W100 x D100 x H75 cm

Rounded corners on the slab

Weight: 550 kg

Fits 2 large oven dishes

​Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas Ø 28 cm


Trolley stand for Etna and Pizzaioli 100 pizza ovens

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Wood fired oven Pizza Peel Set

$155.00 Details

Pizza oven tool set

$225.00 Details

Pizza oven tool set stand

$115.00 Details
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  • Stephen Lees

    Our Etna Rustic oven and tools are fantastic. Couldn't be happier!

  • Cassie Graham

    Thank you so very much our Etna Rustic looks absolutely awesome and we are totally stoked. We have done a lot of cooking in it already…very yummy food! Thank you again so very much, we highly recommend!