Who Dreams of Owning an Authentic Wood Fired Oven?

It’s quite likely you’ve been thinking about buying a wood-fired oven because, let’s face it, who hasn’t? Anybody who’s enjoyed an authentic wood-fired pizza dreams about recreating that treat at home. If you are planning to buy, you’ve come to the right place. At My Wood-fired Oven, we take the subject very seriously and we…

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More than wood fired pizza 2

When talking about wood fired ovens, many people relate to good pizza only. However did you know you can cook anything in our wood fired ovens that you can cook in your kitchen oven?

This morning we did some slow cooking in our wood fired oven after yesterdays pizza night. After the last pizza we put in another couple of logs and let that burn for about 15 minutes, then spread the coals out over the oven floor and closed the valve in the chimney and the oven door to keep the heat in, leaving only the “flap” open to let air in so the fire won’t die (the “flap” is the cover for the hole in the douvle door, that serves for the spit roast) This morning the temp. was about 160C, great for slow cooking.

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