Pizzaioli Pietra 100 Overview

We are introducing a very classy new wood fired pizza oven: the Pizzaioli Pietra.
Availability of this oven is limited.
The Pietra pizza ovens are finished with natural Portuguese stone in sand colour or in charcoal colour. The door arch is in stone as well and matches the colour of the dome stones. The oven door is in cast aluminium with a rustic look and has a thermo viewing glass..

The difference between the Pietra and the Classic Pizzaioli oven.
The natural stones applied to the Pietra pizza oven gives it its unique character. As with the Etna Pietra ovens, applying the different shapes of the natural stones  is a challenge, and we are grateful to our Portuguese colleague for his endless patience in putting the puzzle together.
The dome shape and dimensions of the Pizzaioli Pietra are the same as our Classic Pizzaioli oven.
Compared to our classic Pizzaioli with the stainless steel door, the Pietra edition has the door in cast aluminium with thermo viewing glass. The chimney outlet is in stainless steel. Also the Pietra pizza ovens have an additional layer of insulation because of the 15mm thick stones over the dome.
As our other brick pizza ovens, it is handmade with refractory bricks, then is covered with insulating cement, insulating blanket and another layer of insulating cement. And it is finished with sand or charcoal colour natural stone.

Cooking in this Pizza Oven.
This special edition wood fired pizza oven bakes the best wood fired pizza in a few minutes and homemade bread. You will get a recipe booklet with the oven to show you the variety of meals you can cook in this pizza oven as well. In fact, it is not only a pizza oven, it cooks the best wood fired roast, veggies, roast sweet potatoes, lasagna, you name it.

Outdoor Oven.
The Pizzaioli Pietra looks fantastic in your garden as a stand alone (see also our trolley stand) or as part of your entertaining or barbecue area. The stones of this outdoor oven protects it from the elements. However, just like with a bbq, use an oven cover if you don't use it for a while or in rainy seasons to avoid the bricks inside the dome from absorbing humidity. If you would like to have the oven in your  patio, under an awning or in your verandah, we have extension chimneys and chimney bends to go out or through the roof.

The Pizzaioli Pietra is in stock, available for delivery Australia wide.

Pizzaioli Pietra 100 Features

Unique Design Features

  • Refractory brick oven built by hand, triple insulated and ready to use
  • Typical Italian pizza oven shape for the best results
  • Natural Portuguese stones on the dome in sand or charcoal colour
  • Cast aluminium oven door, extra wide 50cm, with viewing glass
  • Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap included in the price
  • Chimney valve for smoking of fish, meats and more
  • Laser handheld gun thermometer for more accurate temperature reading included
  • Handmade Portuguese terra cotta oven dish, free gift
  • Digital booklet with tips, instructions and plenty recipes

The Pizzaioli Pietra is in stock, available for delivery Australia wide.


Pizzaioli Pietra 100 Details



Internal : W73-75 x D 85 x H27-31 cm

External : W100 x D100 x H65 cm

Rounded corners on the slab

Weight: 650 kg

​Fits 2 large oven dishes

​Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas Ø 28 cm


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  • Andrew Bingham

    My Pizzaioli Pietra oven is installed and looking fantastic, and I’ve started the curing process. Very much looking forward to a first cook soon. Thanks so much!Andrew Bingham

  • Tania Ward

    We are more than happy with the pizza Pietra oven. Thank you! We had a house full over Christmas and made 24 pizzas in one day, it was insane :) Tania Ward

  • Lachlan William

    The Pietra pizza oven looks and works great. I love it. Regards, Lachlan Williams CEO Bluedog Fences Australia