Pizzaioli 100 Overview

As the name suggests, this is our special Italian woodfire pizza oven. Bake real Italian style pizzas in a few minutes in your own back yard with Pizzaioli. It is so beautiful and fun to gather with your kids or friends and family around the oven, let everyone make their own pizza and share the fun. Have a night out in your own backyard has never been easier.

Cooking in the Pizzaioli pizza oven.
The Pizzaioli has the typical Italian woodfire pizza oven dome, allowing for a fast and intense heat radiation to the oven floor  which makes it ideal for the real wood fired pizza. For a proper crispy pizza in a few minutes the oven floor needs to be around 330 - 350°C .
And did you know you can cook roasts, gratins, lasagna, potato dishes, vegetables, slow cooked dishes such as pulled pork and other recipes and of course beautiful bread in this pizza oven as well?
The digital recipe booklet that comes with the oven has pizza recipes and many more recipe ideas to get you started.

Outdoor Oven.
This classic Italian style pizza oven is the finishing touch to your outdoor area.  It looks great as a stand alone on our trolley stand or on a brick or wooden stand, or as part of your barbecue area or outdoor kitchen. It can be outside as the new finish protects it from the elements. Also, the chimney outlet and door are in stainless steel. However, just like with a bbq, use an oven cover if you don't use it for a while or in rainy seasons to avoid that the bricks inside the dome absorb humidity. Or you can set it up in your patio, under an awning or on your verandah. We have extension chimneys to go through the roof if needed.

The making of the Pizzaioli oven.
Hand made for you in the south or Portugal from all natural materials.
The dome is made of refractory bricks, then insulating cement is applied over the bricks, followed by insulating blanket and another layer of insulating cement for extra (triple) insulation. The finish is  in white structural render. See the video below and read more about the making of our ovens here.
However  if you prefer your oven coloured we five you a high performance acrylic outdoor sealant for free in our house colours sand, charcoal or terra cotta.
The oven floor is in 3cm thick refractory tiles.
The Pizzaioli has a stainless steel internal door structure, the chimney outlet and oven door.

The Pizzaioli Classic 100 is in stock, available for delivery Australia wide

Pizzaioli 100 Features

Unique Design Features

  • Refractory brick oven built by hand, triple insulated and ready to use
  • Typical Italian pizza oven shape for the best results
  • Stainless Steel door structure and large 50cm wide oven door
  • Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap included in the price
  • Chimney valve for smoking of fish, meats and more
  • Structured finish in white for optimum protection
  • Acrylic outdoor sealant if you wish to colour your oven included
  • Laser handheld gun thermometer for more accurate temperature reading included
  • Handmade Portuguese terra cotta oven dish, free gift
  • Digital booklet with tips, instructions and plenty recipes
The Pizzaioli Classic 100 is in stock, available for delivery Australia wide
Brick Red/Terra Cotta
Brick Red/Terra Cotta

Pizzaioli 100 Details



Internal: W73-75cm x D85cm x H27-29cm

External: W100 x D100 x H65 cm

Rounded corners on the slab

Weight: 550kgs

Fits 2 large oven dishes

Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas 28 cm


Trolley stand for Etna and Pizzaioli 100 pizza ovens

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Wood fired oven Pizza Peel Set

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Pizza oven tool set

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Pizza oven tool set stand

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  • Frank Karalis

    Just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided during the purchase of our Pizzaioli oven. The oven looks great and cooks great. Last weekend we cooked pizzas for 20 happy guests. Thanks again and it was a pleasure to deal with you. Frank Karalis

  • Sharon Morgan

    We absolutely love our Pizzaioli wood fired oven. From the moment I enquired to delivery was a breeze. Great communication from the team and always ready and happy to help with any questions. We have entertained so many friends and family, so easy to have fun conversation and cook magnificent pizzas at the same time. Highly recommend My Woodfired Oven to all.Sharon Morgan

  • Steve Megson

    My-Pizzaioli oven is proved and first cook up this coming weekend. Yea. Love your work and I love the oven. Very little cracking after about 10 days of increasing fires so that’s good. I will send you photos of the oven outside my super new eco friendly off grid small house on the hill. I just need to get the wood storage unit under the stove finished and painted and we are ready to go. FYI I got the bobcat operator profiling my garden to lift it into place. Effortless. Thanks again. I will start to claim a spotters fee…

  • Maurice Chiarilli

    HI Sharon, the Pizzaioli oven that l received last week is really nice very happy with it . Maurice Chiarilli

  • Charles nipper

    Hello Christie My Pizzaioli is installed now, it is great! Thanks very much for everything Charles nipper

  • Dean Morganti

    Hi Christi Our Pizzaioli oven is great thanks. Smashing pizzas 400 Gradi style! Thanks for an awesome oven! Dean Morganti

  • Peter Couchman

    Hi guys, We served up some amazing pizzas for Christmas lunch! We have really enjoyed using our pizzaioli oven for a roast and lots of pizzas so far. We are really impressed with it and look forward to trying some more recipes you have shared with us. We hope you had a lovely Christmas, Corinne and Pete

  • Jeremy Schmidt

    Hi, Please find attached some photos of our Pizzaioli oven. Just letting you know we're extremely pleased with the cooking results! I will get you some more photos when we use it again. Many Thanks, Jeremy

  • Linda & Matt Bain

    Just a quick update… Matt made pizza’s Saturday night, using Giuseppe’s little tips and the result was amazing. The shape and colour were excellent. Thanks again. Regards Linda & Matt

  • Marie & Michael Graham

    We are very happy with our Pizzaioli Oven and have been using it once a fortnight. It has been a great success with our family. Many thanks, Marie & Michael Graham

  • Linda Bain

    Morning Christi and Giuseppe Matt cooked a roast in the oven Saturday night – first time we used it. We will be cooking pizzas through the week or on the weekend – do you have an all-time favorite pizza dough recipe…quick and easy…? Just love the oven – it is a big talking point on our deck. Regards Linda

  • Shirley Gail

    I love my new Pizzaioli oven! I have cooked 2 roasts & cooked pizza for the 1st time last night. All very nice I just have to figure the pizza dough out a bit better as I'm gluten free I have googled a recipe for next time. Once I get some tables built beside the oven I will post a pic on yr FB page. Thanks for everything I'm very happy so far. Shirley Gail

  • Ben Luvish

    Hi christ Im very happy with the pizza oven. Just this week we did two functions with it. 110 people and 130 people. Id love to get you some photos next function Thank you. Ben

  • Steven Demedio

    Hi Christi. My oven is up and running, it is fantastic. Thanks for your help and advice about the installation. Here are some photos that you are welcome to share and use. Thanks, Steven Demedio

  • David Vassallo

    Hi Christi & Giuseppe We have cooked some beautiful meals with our Pizzaioli, and haven't had to buy another pizza :) We are still learning how to use it to its full potential. We are actually having my sons 21st next weekend and going to cook pizza for about 80 guests... Thanks, Dave.

  • Cliff Rosendahl

    The Pizzaioli oven is amazing! I’ll send some photos from my iphone Best wishes, Cliff Rosendahl MBBS PhD

  • Julio Sandoval

    Hey guys, My Pizzaioli looks fantastic – we are very happy with the whole set up. Refer attached pic of my set up ( feel free to use it on your FB) just going through the curing process now. Looks good we can't wait to use it on the weekend. Cheers, Julio Sandoval

  • Tamara Junger

    Hi Sharon Tony collected our Pizzaioli from Bowen today and we have installed it on it’s new home, looks great and we are very happy with it. Kind regards Tamara Junger ps. we love the pizza oven and have used it a few times already in the meantime !

  • Penny

    Hi Guys Our pizza oven is fantastic, we look forward to start using it soon! cheers Penny

  • Ryan Metelmann

    Hi, We’ve used our pizza oven a few nights now. Been fantastic. Made 30 pizzas one night last week. Was a big hit! I’m always happy to hear pizza dough recipes. So always forward them to me. Ryan

  • Steve Smith

    Christi, Hi and thanks so much. You have been a great help throughout the process. Definitely happy to share some photos once installed! ps had forgotten about the curing so glad you reminded me. So looking forward to those first pizzas! Regards, Steve

  • Ami Harries

    Thank you we are extremely pleased with our pizza oven the Pizzaioli. Kind regards, Ami

  • Paul Micallef

    Hi Giuseppe, Christi Please see attached my pics. Absolutely love my new pizza oven it has completed my out door area and how good are the pizza's amazing. Thankyou for all the information on how to cure the oven properly and also cooking tips. Have a couple of external cracks when oven is hot nothing internal so all is good. Thankyou once again and hopefully grt you a few more sales Regards Paul.

  • Jon Builder

    Hi guys, We cooked in our Pizzaioli last night for the first time. I spent a bit longer curing it. What a beautiful pizza oven, we are so pleased with it and your service. I picked it up direct from Jacka Bros depot in Clare, last Saturday morning. So they only transported it from Adelaide to Clare I hope they are not trying to squeeze more out of you? Let me know if I can assist in any way. Thanks so much for everything. Kind Regards Jon Builder Hi again guys, Yes the pot arrived on Saturday. I am so…

  • Amy Nicholson

    Im going well thanks hope you are too!! Thank you so much for your offer to send out a new dish, that would be perfect! We use our wood fired oven all the time. My husband loves it and says its the best present he has ever received. We've got the pizza bases perfected but need to find a good sauce recipe still and are still trying to master slow cooking (ribs) and roasting but getting there. My husband loves it ( he's the wood fired oven cooker ) The oven is getting a good work out which is good…

  • Amy Nicholson

    Hi Christy, I purchased a black pizzaioli woodfired oven for my husband just before Fathers Day. We had it delivered to Mudgee. We absolutely love the oven Thank you. The pizza dough recipe is beautiful and is definitely the recipe we will continue to use. Cheers, Amy Nicholson