Laser Thermometer for pizza oven

Laser thermometer for your Piccolo pizza oven.
Laser Sight
°C reading
Range -30°C to 500°C 
10:1 Optics  
Battery Powered
LCD Display Screen

Note: battery not included due to customs rules.


Handheld laser thermometer for your wood fired pizza oven. Temperature range 30 to 500C.
For accurate reading of the temperature inside your Piccolo oven. The thermometer on your Piccolo oven is good, however due to it’s nature it can only measure the temperature locally on the side it sits.

Check the exact temperature of the oven floor to ensure your pizzas cook at the right temperature. And great for checking  the temperature of your food whilst cooking in the oven. Makes it easier to cook in your pizza oven even if you are not familiar with wood fired cooking.

Note: battery not included due to customs rules.





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