Pizzaioli 100

The Pizzaioli pizza ovens are hand made in Portugal and are completely finished. They come complete with:

Stainless Steel door structure and door 50cm wide
Stainless steel chimney outlet
Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap
Chimney valve
Structured finish in white for optimum protection
Raytek laser gun thermometer
Large rectangular terra cotta oven dish
Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes
Acrylic outdoor paint if you wish to colour your oven, on request



As the name suggests, this is our special wood fire pizza oven. The design of the lower dome makes that the heat reflects faster to the oven floor which makes it ideal for the real wood fired pizza, but also for beautiful roasts, potato and vegetable dishes and other recipes and of course the tastiest bread you ever had. The recipe booklet that comes with the oven has Giuseppe’s secret pizza recipe and many more recipes to get you started. The Pizzaioli pizza oven is a great asset to your backyard as a stand alone on a brick stand or as part of your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. It can be outside as the new finish protects it from the elements, and the chimney outlet and door are in stainless steel. However, just like with a bbq, use an oven cover if you don’t use it for a while or in rainy seasons to avoid the bricks inside the dome from absorbing humidity. Or you can set it up in your patio, under an awning or on your verandah. We have extension chimneys to go through the roof if needed.

This new version of the Pizzaioli Classic has the door structure (inside the oven), the chimney outlet and oven door in stainless steel instead of zinc electroplated steel. Many customers live close to the coast in which case stainless steel is a better option. Furthermore the new Pizzaioli ovens have a new stronger structured coating and they will come in white.
However we will supply a high performance acrylic outdoor paint for free in the same colours as our pizza ovens with Cork finish if you prefer your oven coloured.

The Pizzaioli 100 white with stainless steel door will be available from early August, only from our Brisbane depot for now.




Internal: W73-75cm x D85cm x H27-29cm
External: W100 x D100 x H65 cm
Rounded corners on the slab
Weight: 550kgs
Fits 2 large oven dishes
Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas 28 cm



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