New: My-Chef

My-Chef gourmet and pizza ovens are completely finished, and they come complete with all of this list included:

* Stainless steel and insulated oven door with viewing glass
* Stainless steel chimney with valve and cap
* Structured powder coating for optimum protection
* Mosaic finished door arch
* Stainless steel fire separator
* Digital laser thermometer

Choose from 5 different mosaic designs. See photos.



Since years My-woodfiredoven brings beautiful hand built wood fired ovens to you. They have become very popular and we sell mostly through word of mouth.

Now, we are proud to present our latest addition wood fired Gourmet oven to you:
My-Chef. Already popular in New Zealand since 3 years, now also available to you.

Our My Chef wood fired gourmet oven’s unique design consists of a fully refractory brick dome inside and a high grade stainless punched stainless steel shell on the outside. It has a structured powder coated finish in copper or charcoal colour so it is really easy to keep it looking good, no need to polish as you would have to with bare stainless steel, and no cracking!

My-Chef’s dome is insulated with 50mm ceramic blanket and 20mm insulating fire clay. It’s oven floor is insulated with 40mm high density fibreboard ensuring the heat stays in the oven. The oven floor itself is in refractory tiles to withstand high temperatures.

The internal dome of the oven is made of refractory bricks (fire bricks). The characteristic of a fire brick dome is that, when starting the fire, the fire bricks will first absorb the heat and once saturated they will release it back inside the dome. The double insulation of the oven dome and floor and the fire brick internal dome make this oven ideal for slow cooking as it retains the heat for a long time. So after for example a pizza lunch or pizza night you can slow-cook a nice curry or meat such as pulled pork and home made bread in the remaining heat.

My-Chef gourmet and pizza ovens are ideal for all sorts of cooking. You can cook anything that you would cook in your kitchen oven. My-Chef  can turn a simple family meal or a dinner with friends into something special. That authentic wood fired flavour is something unique that turns even the simplest meal into a special meal. And of course your Chef cooks the perfect wood fired pizza too! With your Chef you will enjoy cooking for and with your family more than ever before.

We also have a matching  trolley stand for My-Chef making it easy to move your oven around to the area where you would like to use it. So your dinner night does not depend on the weather. Click here to see the trolley stand.

My-Chef also comes with My-woodfiredoven’s well known customer care: we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have about wood fired cooking, wood fire and temperature control inside the oven, recipes.
So everything you need to make you a confident and happy wood fired chef.




MY-CHEF wood fired oven


Internal : W80 x D100 x H40 cm
External : W105 x D115 x H62 cm
Weight: 425 kg
Door opening W50 x H23 cm
​Fits 2 large oven dishes ​
Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas 11 inch


Included for Free:

  • 2mm thick stainless steel fire separator
  • Raytek laser thermometer


  • Matching stainless steel My-Chef trolley with powder coated finish, 4 heavy duty castor wheels of which 2 with breaks
  • Wood fired oven cleaning tool set
  • Pizza peel set of 2 peels, 1 large to bring pizza and bread in and out the oven, 1 small round peel to turn the pizza once it is in the oven
  • Oven cover. Half cover to cover the oven only, full cover to cover oven with trolley stand from top to bottom
  • Fire torch for easy lighting of the fire in your oven. Fits on your bbq gas bottle hose




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