Pizza Oven for Sale

When you see the words ‘pizza oven for sale’, does your mouth start to water? Do you imagine amazing family dinners, weekend get-togethers and the best ever footy night with mates? Can you taste that sizzling salami and melting cheese?

The craze in pizza ovens in Australia is growing and it’s easy to see why. Buying your own wood-fired oven is now easy, affordable and really can change the way you eat and entertain.

However hard conventional oven manufacturers try to recreate that wood-fired experience, it just isn’t the same as the real thing. And that comes down to how and where the wood-fired oven is made.

Pizza Ovens Australia

Our wood-fired ovens are made in Portugal using only traditional materials, such as terracotta and clay. These materials have been used for thousands of years to build amazing ovens that can have a delicious pizza ready in a couple of minutes, or slow-cook a meal to perfection.

In the beginning, a community would share two or three ovens; today, however, you can have your own and we have sizes to fit every backyard and garden. We even sell portable wood-fired ovens that are small enough to fit on a balcony but big enough to cook two large pizzas. It’s ready to start cooking in just 15 minutes.

Pizza Oven for Sale

Pizza ovens in Australia come in all shapes and sizes and the quality can vary enormously. Some companies even expect you to pay them a large sum of money and then build the oven yourself! At My Wood-fired Oven, we believe in selling you a high-quality wood-fired that is affordable and ready to start using immediately.

We also offer a wide range of accessories and can give you advice on cooking everything from wood-fired pizza and breads to slow-cooked stews and soups, vegetarian dishes and even cakes.

So, if you’re looking for a pizza oven for sale, be sure to check us out first.