Maximus Overview

This very practical Maximus pizza oven is ready to cook in 30 minutes.
The Maximus is made of stainless steel and aluminium and it is tunnel shaped. This is a different concept from our brick dome wood fired ovens. In a brick oven the bricks first absorb the heat and then radiate it. That is why heating it up takes around 1 hour or more, depending on the wood. In the Maximus however only the floor bricks need heating up. It is the heat reflection that cooks the food.
It won't retain the heat as long as the brick ovens but it only takes a small log of hardwood at the time to keep it going. For the rest it does the same job: it cooks  pizza in a few minutes (2 at the time). And it bakes roasts, gratins, roast potatoes and vegetables and crispy homemade bread. All of course all with that authentic wood fired flavour.
Maximus can be placed on a table or on a bench or on its own stand. Easy to use it on your balcony or verandah or in the backyard.
The Maximus pizza oven is available for pickup from our Melbourne and Brisbane depots. Can be shipped anywhere, just ask us for the best shipping option.



Maximus Features

Unique Design Features

  • Stainless steel door
  • Chimney 40 cm with valve
  • Thermometer
  • Fire separator
  • 2 spare oven floor tiles
  • Pizza peel with telescopic handle
  • Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes

The Maximus in the Red colour is available for pickup from our Melbourne and Brisbane depots. Can be shipped anywhere, just ask us for the best shipping option.


Maximus Details

  • Inside cooking area: W60 x D60 x H26 cm
  • External: W70 x L70 x H48 cm
  • Weight: only 55 kgs
  • Fits 2 oven dishes
  • Pizza capacity: 2 pizzas


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  • Damien Brennan

    We have used our Maximus around 4 times and I find it much easier to establish a fire compared with our previous Cobb oven and it uses far less wood. Naturally it does not seem to hold the heat to the same extent when the door is open but we are very thrilled with it overall. We have cooked a variety of things and I love that the door is larger and we can easily do three pizzas at a time. Last night we cooked a barramundi on lemon myrtle leaves and wrapped in banana leaf - it was sensational.…

  • Ryan Surace

    I appreciate the extra effort it has taken to have my order processed and available before xmas. I have been researching ovens for a while, mostly focusing on traditional styles, however, the portable nature of the MAXI, plus large cooking surface (along with not being as heavy) was what drew me in. I look forward to putting my oven to good use! Merry xmas 😊 Cheers, Ryan Surace

  • Joanne & Ian Cole

    Hope your Christmas was great. We had a lovely dinner of pizza cooked in the oven Christmas night! Thank you a for a wonderful product Joanne & Ian

  • Darryl and Sarah

    Hi Christi and Sharon, We are loving the new Maximus pizza oven and it’s getting lots of use at the moment! Darryl and Sarah

  • Bruce Palmer

    Hi Christi, We have been enjoying our new oven, and have been using it regularly. Our biggest night was my wife's 50th birthday where we did thirty 20cm pizzas in about an hour and a half. We are very happy with the oven and will use it for many years to come. Bruce Palmer

  • Garrick Demarchi

    Our pizza oven is going great. We started off a bit shakey, with our first 2 attempt at cooking and also just getting a fire started. But since then we have had really good cooks with it. Our pizzas haven been coming out perfect and your cook book has been super helpful already so massive thank you. Our next mission is to be able to use the oven for other meals other than pizza but let’s be honest nothing will be as good as the pizzas that keep coming out of this awesome oven of ours. Thanks!! Garrick Demarchi

  • Dene Purdon

    Hi Christi, I’m very happy with my oven and use it most weekends. We had some great meals and social times around the oven, looking forward to some warmer nights though to enjoy longer outdoor sessions. Regards Dene Purdon

  • Magali & Peter Mueller

    You guys make a fantastic product and the after sale support is fantastic also. Thanks again. Regards, Magali & Peter Mueller

  • Darren Billett

    We have used the pizza oven a half dozen times now and have probably cooked 30 pizzas. They are really great. We make the dough in the morning and let it proof all day. Cooking is at 450-500C on the bricks for the Pizza Napoletana. I’m really happy with the purchase. I sorted the curing and did not get any cracks. Do you have a dough recipe that can be made and cooked not long there after? Lack of planning and a last minute pizza idea. Any pizza tips, tricks or topping ideas would also be appreciated. Regards, Darren Billett

  • Brian Smith

    Hi Christi and Giuseppe The oven is great thanks. It is on it's stand now and we have given it its first burn in at 200c. Hoping to cook a few pizzas for Christmas day. Have a great Christmas. Brian

  • Dave Paiser

    Thanks Christi and Roberto for the awesome oven. We have cooked probably over 50 pizzas and the maximus oven has been awesome. Thanks for all your tips and guidance through the process Thanks! Dave Paiser

  • Adam & Cathy Jarman

    Hi Sharon, Thanks so much for your wonderful pizza oven. We love it! Kind regards Adam

  • Ruth Ellison

    We used our pizza oven for my husbands 75th Birthday and have been enjoying it ever since. Make the most delicious ham hocks . . . Thank you! Ruth Ellison

  • Jessica Quilty

    Hi Christi and Giuseppe, We love our pizza oven and use it weekly. We had a gas oven prior and have been playing around with out old dough recipe. What recipe do you recommend? Kind regards Jess Quilty

  • Mark Gagliardi

    The pizza oven is going really well, I use it all the time for cooking in my outdoor kitchen. I love cooking with this oven. I did pork ribs last night and they came out better than with the bbq. Do you have any grilling racks that would fit this oven that I could purchase? Thanks Mark

  • Grahame & Nicola Lock

    Hi Christi & Giuseppe, We are absolutely happy with the oven as well as the service. Haven't finished the area where it is to live, as it is on a polished decorative concrete counter top, but I could not help myself but to set it up and try it. I am looking forward to finishing the area so I can try more recipes. Thank you so much Grahame & Nicola

  • Glen & Kylie Smith

    We are having a wonderful time with our Maximus oven. Just so great! Thanks so much! Glen & Kylie

  • Sam strang

    We are loving our pizza oven and have cooked at least 50 pizzas on it so far. I have improved with my fire lighting and retaining the heat in the oven. I have attached a photo from Christmas day of us preparing for Christmas pizzas. My next adventure is to cook some roasts in the oven. I would also love to see Giuseppe's dough recipe and any other tips you are willing to share. We recommend your pizza oven and service to everyone as we could not be happier with it. We appreciate your customer service. Great job all round.…

  • Mark Mackay

    Hi Sharon, All going well so far, we are learning as we cook, we have cooked pizza's, roasts and ribs. Thanks for everything Mark Mackay

  • Michael & Joanne

    HI We are having great success with the pizza oven the Maximus both with pizzas and roasts and ribs. we use it once or twice most weeks. Very happy thanks. Cheers Michael & Joanne

  • iainlamond

    Picked up a few weeks ago and after a few mistakes really starting to get the feel for it. We move it to three different locations depending upon what we are doing and haven't had any problems. Experimenting with different woods and find a medium density hardwood works best and as instructed. Very happy with the oven and the service after one little glitch which was resolved within 15 minutes with a phone call. Looks good, works well, cooks better.