Portable pizza oven Maximus RED

The portable wood fired pizza oven Maximus RED comes complete with:
Stainless steel door 40cm wide at the bottom x 22cm high
Stainless steel chimney 40 cm with cap
Chimney valve
Fire separator
Fire building rack
2 spare oven floor tiles
Pizza peel with telescopic handle
Terra cotta oven dish
Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes



Temporarily Out of Stock

This very practical wood fired oven is ready to cook in 15 minutes.  And also it is very economical in wood consumption as both the dome and the oven floor are insulated, and it has a special designed baffle in the dome that stops the heat from going straight out of the chimney.
The Maximus is made of stainless steel and aluminium and it is tunnel shaped. This is a different concept from our brick dome wood fired ovens. In a brick oven the bricks first absorb the heat and then radiate it. That is why heating it up takes around 1 hour or more, depending on the wood. In the Maximus however only the floor bricks need heating up. It is the heat reflection that cooks the food.
It won’t retain the heat as long as the brick ovens but it only takes a tiny log of hardwood at the time to keep it going. For the rest it does the same job: it cooks the perfect pizza in a few minutes (2 at the time). And it bakes roasts, gratins, roast potatoes and vegetables and crispy homemade bread. All of course all with that authentic wood fired flavour.
Maximus is a great addition to your barbecue area. You can place it on a table or on a bench or on its own stand. Easy to use it on your balcony or verandah or in the backyard.
The Maximus in the Red colour is available for pickup from our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane depots. Can be shipped anywhere, just ask us for the best shipping option.




Inside cooking area: W60 x D60 x H26 cm
External: W70 x L70 x H48 cm
Weight: only 55 kgs
Fits 2 oven dishes
Pizza capacity: 2 pizzas



  1. Picked up a few weeks ago and after a few mistakes really starting to get the feel for it.
    We move it to three different locations depending upon what we are doing and haven’t had any problems.
    Experimenting with different woods and find a medium density hardwood works best and as instructed.
    Very happy with the oven and the service after one little glitch which was resolved within 15 minutes with a phone call.
    Looks good, works well, cooks better.

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