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Portable pizza oven Maximus Black

The portable wood fired pizza oven Maximus comes complete with:
Stainless steel door 40cm wide at the bottom x 22cm high
Stainless steel chimney 40 cm with cap
Chimney valve
Fire separator
Fire building rack
2 spare oven floor tiles
Pizza peel with telescopic handle
Terra cotta oven dish
Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes



Temporarily Out of Stock

This very practical wood fired oven is ready to cook in 15 minutes.  And also it is very economical in wood consumption as both the dome and the oven floor are insulated, and it has a special designed baffle in the dome that stops the heat from going straight out of the chimney.
The Maximus is made of stainless steel and aluminium and it is tunnel shaped. This is a different concept from our brick dome wood fired ovens. In a brick oven the bricks first absorb the heat and then radiate it. That is why heating it up takes around 1 hour or more, depending on the wood. In the Maximus however only the floor bricks need heating up. It is the heat reflection that cooks the food.
It won’t retain the heat as long as the brick ovens but it only takes a tiny log of hardwood at the time to keep it going. For the rest it does the same job: it cooks the perfect pizza in a few minutes (2 at the time). And it bakes roasts, gratins, roast potatoes and vegetables and crispy homemade bread. All of course all with that authentic wood fired flavour.
Maximus is a great addition to your barbecue area. You can place it on a table or on a bench or on its own stand. Easy to use it on your balcony or verandah or in the backyard.
The black Maximus is available for pick up from our Brisbane depot only. But we can ship anywhere, just ask us for the best shipping option.




Inside cooking area: W60 x D60 x H26 cm
External: W70 x L70 x H48 cm
Weight: only 55 kgs
Fits 2 oven dishes
Pizza capacity: 2 pizzas



  1. I just wanted to let you know that the wood fired oven is now operating – it’s great and thanks for the all the assistance. Also, in the video the person uses a large pair of tongs for moving the fire / removing the kindling support and I’m wondering if I could purchase a pair which would ship when the cover becomes available. Or, if the tongs aren’t part of your list of equipment, then are you aware of where one can get a similar set of tongs?

  2. Dear Giuseppe & Christi;
    Just letting you know how fantastic our pizza oven we purchased is. We have done pizzas, bread and roasts in it so far and loving it.
    Just wanting to know, do you stock covers for the Maximus ovens?
    Tim, Kaye, Hugh & Maggie Fleming

  3. G’day, love the oven!!!!!
    Fired it up yesterday and it was a fantastic success!!!
    Once again thanks very much
    Dan Fell

  4. Hi Christi hope everything is well,
    Yes I was able to pick it up on Thursday and the very nice lady at the depot was very nice and friendly.
    In case you were wondering, Yes the maximus can fit in the back of a Honda Jazz Hatchback with the backseats all folded down. see photos
    I’m going to cook in it today for the first time as I have been slowly curing it for the past 4 days. Exciting!
    Joshua Ymana

  5. Hi Christi, I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying the Maximus pizza oven. We’ve had 3 groups of people over on different weekends and everyone has remarked on the great pizzas and the design of the oven. Sitting out under the stars up on our deck and making pizza’s with a glass of red has been superb. The fact that it is light enough to move to different locations, exterior does not get very hot, is very quick to heat and very efficient with wood required to keep it at temperature is quite remarkable. The DVD and instructions and recipes are also great, and Giuseppe’s song just caps it off! Thanks very much!
    Rick and Tassia

  6. Thanks for all the assistance and advice, looking forward to getting the Maximus fired up!
    All the best,
    Jonathan Lane

  7. Hello Giuseppe and Christi,
    thank you very much for sending the oven so promptly.
    I’ll make sure to follow your instructions to the letter for curing the oven. Fortunately I have a bit of experience playing with fire as I have several charcoal and wood BBQs and for me curing the oven is part of the fun 🙂
    As you can imagine I’m really looking forward to playing with “Max”.
    If I manage to churn out 90 second pizza napoletana I will let you know and post it in a few forums. I’m sure there would be many people interested. It might take me a while to get there though,

  8. Hello there Guiseppe &Christi
    We LOVE our new wood-fired oven, what a joy to cook in!
    We cured it nicely, can’t believe how little wood is needed to keep it hot, and how quickly the pizzas cook….should have bought one years ago.
    Here’s a picture of our first pizza, mushrooms, spinach, finely sliced tomato, crushed garlic soaked in olive oil, small pieces of smoked cheese and Parmesan then drizzled in olive oil…..YUM!
    Thankyou for your kind help and expertise when explaining how to use the oven, we are so sure it will be a talking point at parties and family gatherings!
    Take care and Thankyou again…..
    Dean and Julie

  9. Hi Giuseppe and Christi,
    The oven arrived safely today and I’ve been giving it a low burn for a few hours. I’ll do it again before firing it up on the weekend.
    Really happy with it, thank you for your communication and prompt service.
    Thanks again and I’ve already posted my support of your good service on our BBQ forum
    best regards, Ian

  10. Guiseppe / Christi.
    Happy new year to you.
    First of all let me say that the oven we bought from you is excellent. We’ve used it several times and although we’re still getting the hang of the fire building, the end result has been fantastic every time.
    Regards, Ben

  11. Hi Giuseppe and Christi, thanks for the email. We are still enjoying the Maximus and very happy with the purchase and of course the delicious pizzas. I’m quite happy for you to use the link to the forum to show prospective clients.
    Regards Ian Hughes

  12. Hi Giuseppe and Christi,
    It took me a while to get my pizza oven setup as I had to build a stand. Last week I finished that and did my first burn.
    We have done 2 cooks in the oven, the first tone we did pizzas – about 7! The first one came out like a pillow, second one like a pancake (rolling pin – big mistake), and all the rest were excellent! Have sent you a picture of the better ones!
    Last night we cooked roast chicken in the dish and roast potatoes, and it was incredible. Lots of garlic and butter under the skin may have helped. I had the chicken uncovered for first 15 minutes then covered in foil for the rest of the time. Total cooking tone around 1hr 40 mins for 1.7kg chicken. Done perfectly.
    I use very dry jarrah hardwood in the oven and it burns very well and economically. I am so pleased with the Maximus pizza oven it has definitely exceeded our expectations. Everyone comments on the way it looks.
    My wife thought I wad a bit mad buying a pizza oven but now she thinks it is brilliant!
    Thanks again
    Paul Symons

  13. Hi Sharon,
    We successfully picked up the pizza oven on Saturday. Lea wasn’t there, but the lady at the front desk was helpful. The box looked like it wasn’t going to fit in the boot of our car, but the chap at the warehouse (a Maori bloke – didn’t catch his name unfortunately) was extremely friendly and helped us unpack the oven from the box so it would fit in the car. He dealt with all the rubbish and even tolerated my 3-year-old son ‘helping’ with sweeping up the mess. It was greatly appreciated and ensured our trip wasn’t a wasted one.
    Haven’t yet had a chance to fire up the oven, but looking forward to it.
    Cheers, John.

    Hi John,
    Thank you for letting us know John, much appreciated as it is important for us to know your experience as customer is what you expect from us:
    not only a great oven but also good service!
    We hope you are willing to share your first pizza (I mean a photo no worries) or other cooking!
    Please feel free to contact us for any questions or tips now or in the future,
    Happy cooking, The My-woodfiredoven team,
    Sharon, Christi, Giuseppe

  14. Hi Giuseppie, Christi and Sharon,
    Thank you for your kind follow-up email.
    Yes, I have been using the Maximus a lot — at least once a week, and often more. We’re cooking not just pizzas, but also casseroles and roasts. I really like how quick it is to heat up, such that I will fire it up just to cook one pizza on a Friday night. I’m certainly very happy with the pizza oven and everyone who visits our house is likewise impressed!
    Of course, any other tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I get the feeling this is a hobby that is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master! I would also appreciate any advice about purchasing an appropriate protective cover for the oven, as mine is out in the open and exposed to the elements.

  15. Giuseppe, Christi & Sharon. I just wanted to let you know that the wood fired oven is now operating – it’s great and thanks for the all the assistance. All is going well with the Maximus and I’m slowly getting better with judging the pizza cooking temperature / time.
    I’ve been using the oven about once a week and, after some teething issues, am now getting consistently good pizza with a occasional excellent Neapolitan style pizza.
    It’d be great to get Giuseppe’s latest pizza dough recipe. Any tips on the best firewood (I’m using Jarrah and Mallee), use of vents and fire build would be helpful.
    Regards, Andrew Stamp

  16. Bonjour a vous deux
    J’allais justement vous envoyer un mail. !!!
    Le Maximus est une merveille , que des avantages comparer a celle que j’avais .
    Elle est prette en 20 minutes , cuit admirablement bien les pizza en 90 secondes max even less, crazy stuff.
    Je fait la pate tous les Dimanche et organise une partie pizza every wenesday. !! gréât everyone enjoy !! always 3 days rising !! yes I know
    de plus j’ai trouver la Caputo flour from Italie que j’achète par 20kg. gréât again.
    Voila je ne peut pas en dire plus !!! love it.
    A bientôt et Joyeux Noel a vous tous.
    Jean Pierre Calvet

  17. Hi Guys
    Thanks for getting in touch, I did get my stand made and finally the Summer has arrived here so have used my ovwn a few times, mainly for bread at this point. I’m going to really give it a run once my Xmas break starts and have many plans. Once that happens I suspect that we’ll be using it most nights until the cold weather returns as it gets too hot to use our wood stove in the kitchen. I’d love any tips as I try to constantly learn new skills, I odten use sourdough for pizzas but that base sounds interesting. Also how much water to flour for Ciabatta and how hot? Finally any tips for Farinata. I’ve been “talking your oven up” to many people and telling them not to buy Bunnings rubbish so hopefully you may get some business. I’ve attached a couple of sourdough pics one Spelt Rye and a Spelt fruit loaf whixh you can uae how you want. Have a good festive season yourselves!
    Cheers Phil

  18. Hi Guys
    Thanks for the mail we have cured our Maximus oven and fired it up a couple of times for parties over Christmas and New Year . Pizzas are great everyone seems to love them especially the kids!!
    Thanks and happy New Year to you all!!
    Keith Sims
    Marketing Manager – Knees, Global Orthopaedic

  19. Ciao Giuseppe and Christi,
    ho inaugurato il forno maximus e tutto funziona benissimo! My next goal is to learn how to set up the fire in the best way: reducing wood consumption and bringing the oven to the required temperature as quick as possible, I guess I need to keep experimenting….

  20. thanks Guys
    I have used the Maximus oven quite often.. excellent
    Easy to start and maintain high temperatures for Pizzas in a short time
    I have cooked Pizza, roast Chicken and Lamb
    After I got used to the oven and a few disasters with the initial pizzas ..not the pizza oven but me
    I had trouble launching the first ones
    best regards
    I will take some pics next time I fire it up

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