Portable pizza oven MAXI Maximus

The portable wood fired oven Maxi Maximus comes complete with:
Stainless steel door 50cm wide at the bottom x 28cm high
Stainless steel chimney 40 cm with cap
Chimney valve
Fire separator
Fire building rack
2 spare oven floor tiles
Pizza peel with telescopic handle
Terra cotta oven dish
Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes

Christmas Special: FREE Oven Tool Set if purchased from Sydney before the 1st of December, or
FREE Grill Rack if ordered from Brisbane or Melbourne before the 1st of December.



With 30 cm more cooking area, this is Maximus’  bigger brother Maxi. Made of stainless steel and aluminium and tunnel shaped it is a different concept from our brick dome wood fired ovens. In the Maxi pizza oven only the floor bricks need heating up which takes around 20 minutes and the Maxi is ready for cooking. Whereas with a brick oven the bricks first absorb the heat and then reflect it to the floor which may take around 1 hour. Maxi is very economical in wood consumption as the dome and the oven floor are insulated and inside the oven chamber is a special designed stainless steel baffle to avoid that the heat goes straight out of the chimney. You only need to add a small piece of hard wood every now and then to keep it going. The Maxi pizza oven does the same job as the brick ovens: you can bake the perfect pizza (4 large pizzas at the time!), beautiful roasts of lamb and other roasts, gratins, roasted potatoes and vegetable dishes, your own bread without nasty stuff, and all of course with that authentic wood fired flavour.

You can place the Maxi on a table or a bench in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, or on its own stand in your garden.




Inside cooking area: W90 x D90 x H43 cm
External: W98 x L99 x H77 cm
Weight: only 160 kgs
Fits 4 large oven dishes
Pizza capacity: 4 to 6 pizzas



  1. Hi Giuseppe & Christi;
    Thanks again for everything. The pizza oven looks great and we are looking forward to doing our first pizzas (and roasts and breads) in it soon.
    Regards Tim

  2. Hi Guys
    Thank you for service. Oven did arrive around 2 pm so thanks
    Il be sure to recommend you guys.
    Kind Regards , Marcel Tigani, Director Ralcron Pty Ltd

  3. Hi Christi
    Yes it arrived yesterday. Thank you for following up
    your service has been fantastic.
    Craig and Amanda

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for thinking of me that’s great – we are loving the oven and had many friends over to enjoy it.
    Just need to tile the base but its all done.
    Kind regards
    Andrew D’Aprano
    Market Development Manager

  5. Hi Christi and Giuseppe,
    Thank you, we are really happy with how Maxi fits in and I think Marc did a great job of the outdoor kitchen, can’t wait to start using it. And yes, of course you can share the pic and once we get it fired up I will send another one of our first pizza, if we don’t burn it that is ☺
    Thanks again for mailing the booklet.
    Kind regards, Tracie

  6. Merry Christmas Giuseppe, Christi and Sharon, just love our pizza oven, doing the traditional Christmas lunch then with the leftovers doing pizza, have my dough ready and will just wing the rest with the leftovers. All the very best for the New Year
    Paul & Susan Murray

  7. Hi Christi
    Thanks, love the pizza oven.
    Will cook the first pizzas tomorrow can not wait
    Kind Regards Markus Werner

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