Pizzaioli Classic 100

The Pizzaioli Classic pizza ovens come completely finished, with:
Steel door 50 cm wide, zinc electroplated
Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap
Chimney valve
Cork finish for optimum protection
. Raytek laser gun thermometer
Large rectangular terra cotta oven dish
Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes
Some touch up mix.
Pickup available from our Melbourne depot. Can be delivered around Australia, just ask us for the best shipping option.

As the name suggests, this is our special wood fired pizza oven. The lower dome makes that the heat reflects faster to the oven floor which makes it ideal for the perfect pizza. And the good thing is you can also cook beautiful roasts, lasagne, potato dishes,  and many other dishes  and of course beautiful home made bread. In the recipe booklet that comes with the oven you will find Giuseppe’s pizza recipe and many more recipes, and you can try your own recipes out in the oven and see for yourself how the wood fire adds that little extra to your dishes.

The Pizzaioli is an asset to your backyard as a stand alone on for example a brick or timber base or as part of your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area.
It can be outside as the Cork spray protects it from the elements, however, as with a bbq, use a cover when it rains to protect the steel parts of the oven. Or under an awning or on the verandah or such.

Pickup available from our Melbourne depot. We can organise delivery throughout Australia, just ask us for the best shipping quote and option.





Internal: W73-75cm x D85cm x H27-29cm
External: W100 x D100 x H65 cm
Rounded corners on the slab
Weight: 550kgs
Fits 2 large oven dishes
Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas 28 cm



  1. Hi Christi. Thank you so much for following up. Firstly let me say that the pizza oven is fantastic. We have been using it 3 days a week since install. Our pizzas are receiving great reviews. The cracks while there do not seem to have impacted heat retention or structural integrity. Thanks so much again for the follow up. Also, as the pizza oven is in the middle of our terrace restaurant for all to see I have been asked by so many people where I got it. I hope as a result you have been selling more to Melbourne. Guy

  2. Good Afternoon,
    I bought a Pizzaioli a few years ago in which Giuseppe helped me push it up into my backyard. I loved it so much and used it nearly every weekend. Since moving to Townsville 6 months ago I believe it’s time to get another Pizzaioli to enjoy.
    Cheers, Glen

  3. Hi Giuseppe & Christi,
    Loving the pizza oven now that everything is settled in. I’ve become a little rusty however I’m getting back into the swing of things.
    Regards, Glen

  4. Yes have been enjoying our pizza oven, nearly have our outdoor kitchen complete just a little tiling to go. Will send photos as soon as finished. {THINK YOU’LL BE IMPRESSED}
    Cheers for now , Russ.

  5. HI Christi
    We love our pizza oven and can’t get enough of it! We always put a couple of roast chickens in at the end of the night, the flavor is so amazing. We now have pizza parties and everyone loves the home made pizzas and the oven.
    Lindt Goedhart

  6. Hi guys,
    We cooked in our Pizzaioli oven last night for the first time.
    I spent a bit longer curing it.
    What a beautiful oven, we are so pleased with it and your service.
    Thanks so much for everything.
    Kind Regards
    Jon Builder

  7. All good Guiseppe, found the original cook book and did our first casserole last week.
    Oven working great, only hardwood from the block of land we live on.
    Grandkids ;love the pizzas as do we.
    We use the pizza oven at least once a week, more when the grand Rugrats are here.
    Couple of pics for you.
    Cheers Ian King

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