Etna Pietra 100

The Etna Pietra gourmet ovens are built by hand in Portugal and are completely finished. They come complete with:
Cast aluminium door, 40cm, with thermo viewing glass
Stainless steel chimney outlet
. Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap
Chimney valve
Portuguese natural stone finish in sand or charcoal colour
. Free Raytek laser gun thermometer
. Free Large rectangular terra cotta baking dish
. Digital Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes

The Etna Pietra is available from our Brisbane depot. Can be shipped around Australia, just ask us for the best shipping options.

Order yours now to make sure you’ll have it before Christmas.


We are introducing a very classy new wood fired gourmet oven: the Etna Pietra.
Availability of this oven is limited.
The Pietra gourmet and pizza ovens are finished with natural Portuguese stone in sand colour or in charcoal colour. The door arch is in stone as well and matches the colour of the dome stones. The oven door is in cast aluminium with a rustic look and has a thermo viewing glass.
The dome shape and dimensions of the Etna Pietra are the same as our Classic Etna oven. The difference is the better heat retention since the Pietra models have the extra layer of stones.

In this gourmet and pizza oven you can cook your everyday family meal or a 3 course dinner and of course the best wood fired pizza and homemade bread. You will receive Giuseppe’s recipe booklet with the oven to give you a good head start. And experimenting your own recipes is a great way to enjoy your oven with friends and family and become a great wood fired oven chef.

The Etna Pietra is a jewel to your garden as a stand alone or as part of your entertaining area. It is an outdoor oven as the stones protect it from the elements. However, just like with a bbq, we recommend using an oven cover if you don’t use your oven for a while or in rainy seasons to avoid the bricks inside the dome from absorbing humidity. If you are installing your oven in your patio, under an awning or in your verandah, we have extension chimneys and bends to go out or through the roof.

This new wood fired oven Etna Pietra has a larger door than our classic Etna, it is 40cm wide. The door is in cast aluminium with a rustic look and has a thermo viewing glass. The chimney outlet is in stainless steel.

The Etna Pietra is available for pick up from our Brisbane depot. We can organise shipping around Australia, just ask us for the best options.

Order yours now to make sure you’ll have it before Christmas.


Etna Pietra gourmet wood fire oven 100


Internal : W73-75 x D 85 x H38-40 cm
External : W100 x D100 x H75 cm
Rounded corners on the slab
Weight: 650 kg
​Fits 2 large oven dishes
​Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas Ø 28 cm



  1. Hi Christi
    The Etna with the stones we got is very nice. Looks great in it’s setting now it is all done. I cured it with no problems.
    Scott Kirk

  2. We finally got the oven in position earlier this month and used it. Fantastic!
    I’d love to get recipes you would like to share from Giuseppe.
    And when I have chefs over to use the oven I’ll get you some images.
    Remy Tancred

  3. Hi Christi
    We love the oven. The sand stone finish is beautiful. It has taken a little while to get pizza baking right. The hardest being getting the pizza off the paddle. So thank you for the helpful videos.
    We are looking at a bread making course at Red Beards in Trentham (best bread ever). Can’t wait for that.
    Here’s a photo of when the oven first went in
    Kellie O’Brien

  4. Hi Christi and Giuseppe
    We are very happy with our Pietra oven, it looks great.
    We have used it twice already and again this weekend for our son’s 21st!
    Set up was easy, we are lucky, we have a work truck with a crane on it, so used that to lift over fence and put into position.
    Will get some photos this weekend and put up on your FB site soon.
    Tim and Kylie Nottle
    Barham Tyre Service

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