Etna 100 Overview

This gourmet and pizza oven is an all rounder. Perfect for the best wood fired pizza, beautiful home made bread and a simple but stunning family meal or a complete dinner for your guests. Your Etna oven comes with Giuseppe's personal recipe booklet to get you a quick start. But trying out your own recipies is also a great way to learn to use your oven and to become an expert in no time.

The Etna looks great in your outdoor area as either a free stand on a brick, timber or metal base. Or integrated into your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. Your wood fired oven will be a stunning addition to your patio, under an awning or on your verandah. Extension chimneys for under cover (under roof) installations.

This Etna gourmet oven has an interior door structure, double hinged oven door, chimney valve and chimney in stainless steel.  It is insulated with insulating cement, insulating blanket and another layer of insulating cement. So 3 layers of insulation.
The ovens come standard with a structured white coating. If you prefer  your oven coloured as per our photos, we have a complimentary supply of high performance acrylic outdoor sealant  in our house colours terra cotta, sand or charcoal.
See the video below and read more about the making of our ovens here.

Like a BBQ, we recommend the use of an oven cover if you don’t use your oven a while or in rainy seasons to prevent humidity absorption of the bricks inside the dome.

The Etna 100 is back in stock in our Brisbane depot!
Order your oven now, or ask us to reserve one for you as most of the new stock is already sold.
Can be shipped around Australia, just ask us for the best shipping options.

Etna 100 Features

Unique Design Features

  • Stainless Steel door structure and door 36cm x 30cm
  • Stainless steel chimney outlet
  • Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap
  • Chimney valve
  • Structured finish for optimum protection
  • Raytek laser gun thermometer
  • Large rectangular terra cotta oven dish
  • Digital booklet with instructions and plenty recipes
  • Acrylic outdoor sealant if you wish to colour your oven

Gourmet Oven Itna 100, Our Bestseller


Etna 100 Details

  • Internal : W73-75 x D 85 x H38-40 cm
  • External : W100 x D100 x H75 cm
  • Rounded corners on the slab
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • ​Fits 2 large oven dishes
  • ​Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas Ø 28 cm


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  • Garry Clarke

    Hi Johnny Picked up my Etna oven on Tuesday, love it, thanks for your great service Cheers Garry Clarke

  • John Breen

    A quick message to say we are very happy with the Etna oven! Cheers, John Breen

  • Larry Cullen

    Good morning Christi, The Etna is working very well, we have cooked a total of five times with great results and taste. First time for Pizza l was a little timid on the fire temp but again this is all part of the learning process. Larry

  • Rod Hicks

    Hi Christi & Giuseppe We really enjoying our Gourmet Oven. We have done a couple of roasts and more pizzas. I would like to get Giuseppe's latest dough recipe if you could please I will send you some photos also Cheers Rod ROKA Graphics Pty Ltd

  • Iain Lamond

    Thanks for your assistance with my little issue, problem resolved. It is good to see that customer service still exists with some businesses. Thankyou, much appreciated and just a couple of notes you may be interested in. 1. My mistake but I got the floor temp up to 490C, does not make a good pizza, the base cooks but topping does not melt. 2. I get lazy and make dough in a breadmaker as it is easier to get to than our Kenwood Chef, it mixes well and has a heating function that proofs the dough, I have found that…

  • Karen Russell

    Hi Christi and Giuseppe, just a question regarding the touch up cork mix. it has gone hard and rubbery. What can we do to soften it up so we can touch up a little crack? Or do we need to buy some fresh mix? We have it since 4 years now but we are still in love with our Etna oven ( and so are all our friends!) Cheers Karen Russell

  • Laurence & Lorna Bennett

    Hi Christi & Giuseppe, Sorry it has taken so long but we just wanted to say a huge thank you for our lovely Gourmet Oven (we have the Etna) . We have finished set up & have used it several times. Every time has been enjoyable & the pizzas & food have been great! I have attached some pictures. Thanks for the book & tips. We highly recommend your ovens to anyone thinking of getting one & so many of our friends love it! Merry Christmas - Laurence & Lorna Bennett

  • Iain Ferguson

    Hi Christi, I've nearly finished with all of the setup - I'll send you a photo when it's complete and I'll be happy for you to share it on the facebook page. It's looking fantastic! I've only managed to do a couple of roasts so far (they were awesome), it's rained pretty much non-stop for the last month in Sydney. I'm hoping the warmer weather will let me use it a bit more often. Thanks, Iain

  • Ted Halil

    Hello guys, Good to hear from you Christi and Giuseppe. I have fired up the oven and had family over several times now. Looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days when we will definitely fire it up more often. I will post some pictures next time on your facebook page. Always keen to hear about dough recipes and any special hints and tips on offer. I must say , the oven has been a draw card in the garden with everyone wanting to have a go on the peel . It certainly has been fun and laughs when…

  • Bellal Jaber

    Just letting you know we've been extremely happy with my oven Been experimenting different dishes Please see attachments. Regards Bellal Jaber