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Etna 100

The Etna wood fire ovens are hand made and completely finished, and they come with:
Stainless Steel door structure and door 36cm x 30cm
Stainless steel chimney outlet
Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap
Chimney valve
Structured finish in white for optimum protection
Raytek laser gun thermometer
Large rectangular terra cotta oven dish
Booklet with instructions and plenty recipes
Acrylic outdoor paint if you wish to colour your oven, on request

The Etna 100 white with SS door is available for pickup from our Brisbane and Melbourne depot. Can be shipped around Australia, just ask us for the best shipping options.

GOURMET OVEN ETNA white 100 cm


This gourmet and pizza oven is an all round oven. Apart from the best wood fired pizza you can cook a simple but great family meal or a complete dinner for your guests. And of course beautiful home made bread. You will get a  recipe booklet with your oven to get you started. But trying out your own recipies is also a great way to learn to use your oven and to become an expert in no time.

The Etna looks great in your outdoor area as a stand alone on for example a brick base. Or as part of your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. Or you can set it up in your patio, under an awning or on your verandah. We have extension chimneys to go through the roof if needed.

This new version of the Etna Classic gourmet oven has the door structure (inside the oven), the chimney outlet and oven door in stainless steel instead of zinc electroplated steel. Many customers live close to the coast in which case stainless steel is a better option. Furthermore the new Etna pizza ovens have a new stronger structured coating and they will come in white. We supply a high performance acrylic outdoor paint for free in the My-woodfiredoven colours if you prefer your pizza oven coloured. Just let us know when you order.

Just like with a bbq, use an oven cover if you don’t use it for a while or in rainy seasons to avoid the bricks inside the dome from absorbing humidity.

The Etna 100 white with stainless steel door is available for pick up from our Brisbane and Melbourne depot. We ship around Australia. Just ask us for the best shipping option.



Etna gourmet oven 100


Internal : W73-75 x D 85 x H38-40 cm
External : W100 x D100 x H75 cm
Rounded corners on the slab
Weight: 550 kg
​Fits 2 large oven dishes
​Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas Ø 28 cm



  1. We loveeeee cooking in the wood fire oven, it’s the best! :)Adrian & Vanessa

  2. Hi Christi & Guiseppe
    Couldn’t remember whether we sent you a photo of our completed pizza oven, so here it is. Both our daughters & their husbands are coming up from Melbourne for Xmas & one of them is a chef, so he’ll be putting the wood oven to the test. We are very happy with it – have sourced a good wood supplier close to where we live. Have a merry Xmas.
    Ian & Anne Stanger

  3. Hi there!
    Meant to send you pics of our pizza oven set up.
    Pizzas are getting better and better!!
    Thanks, Rob and Karmin

  4. Hi Christi
    Thanks for the pizza oven. I picked it up Friday, no problems.
    Now in the process of curing it.
    It looks fantastic. Well done on supply of such a great product.
    I am delighted with the quality and the service.
    Best regards, Scott.

  5. Giuseppe, The pizza’s where a great success. New recipe was great, tips on the pizza oven and temp were all great. Thank you very very much your are a master.
    Have a lovely day.
    Jane & Darren

  6. Thanks Christi& Giuseppe. The area hasn’t been finished yet but the pizza oven has been “cured” and as its on the stand, we have used it twice now. The first time, we didn’t have it hot enough but the next time we made really delicious pizzas followed by a loaf of bread! Both were really good. We have friends coming over tomorrow so it’s pizzas again. I really think its all about trial and error and getting to know the oven. We are enjoying it and will def send you pics of the finished result. Friends also were looking to buy a pizza oven for their parents combined 60th birthdays and after some research of their own, then having seen ours, I think they will be heading down your way to purchase one similar to our Etna oven.
    Thanks again. Wonderful service!
    Jason & Nicola Cash

  7. Hi Christi!
    Hope all is going well
    I will send more photos once we have finished the base but I thought I’d let you know how much we are loving the pizza oven! We have already cooked two chickens, a turkey and several pizzas and I am about to attempt the cedar plank salmon too.
    We will be cooking our Christmas turkey as well.
    Thanks again for everything and will be in touch
    Kindest regards, Jacqui

  8. Hi Giuseppe and Christina,
    We are absolutely loving our oven! We cook in it almost every weekend and love entertaining guests with delicious food. Here is a picture if a beautiful loaf of bread we made recently. And here is a dish I cooked with chicken, garlic, olives, white wine and bay leaves, it was amazing!!
    Kind regards,
    Kim and James Lucas 😀

  9. Hi Giuseppe & Christi
    Our Etna oven is in place (pic) and now it is cured we will start enjoying it.Thanks for all your assistance during the purchase and delivery to Tas.
    Rob & Sandra

  10. Hi Giuseppi and Christi
    Tony and Susan here. Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Etna pizza oven. We cooked Christmas roasts in the oven last year (turned out beautiful and moist). Have just about mastered the pizzas. We have a massive amount of tomatoes from our garden this summer and wondered if you can recommend a recipe to make pizza sauce. If you can help I would be very grateful. And I’m glad to hear you have another Tasmanian customer, I am sure as more of your wood fired ovens come into the state and people see how good they are sales will build.
    Cheers for now.
    Anthony & Susan Bailey

    Hi again Giuseppe & Christi,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my Italian tomato sauce recipe request. This weekend gives us a public holiday on Monday so its sauce making day!!!! Will let you know how it goes. Your photos have given me a good idea on the steps needed, we don’t have quite as many tomatoes as you had but still a nice few to get through.
    Thanks again. Regards Tony & Susan

  11. Thank you for my Etna oven. It looks fantastic. We haven’t installed it as yet as we need to have a sheet made up for it to sit in the brick BBQ. It should be up by next week. Can’t wait for the pizzas and homemade bread. Will send you pics when we have put it up.
    Many thanks, Glen

  12. Put the Etna oven in spot on weekend and cured for few days.
    Will give it a test this weekend. Looking good! Neighbour likes it as well, we’ll invite him over and you may get another sale!

  13. Hello Christi
    I have sent you photos of our completed outdoor dining with our Etna pizza oven, it has come up a treat.
    Kind Regards
    Tony Di Prima
    Product Support Representative
    Mechanical – Trucks

  14. Thanks guys, we have been using my Etna oven on a weekly basis and love it, could you please send me the recipe for the 72 hour pizza dough and we will give it a go, all the best for Christmas.
    Kind Regards,
    John & Lee Noorbergen

  15. Hi Christi & Giuseppe,
    We had our first lamb roast last night – very delicious!!!
    Do you have a recommended local supplier for the correct timber to burn in the oven???
    regards, Penny

  16. Hi Christi, we picked up the pizza oven yesterday, now the work begins.
    Thanks for all your support.Will send some pictures when it’s all done.
    Thanks & Best Regards Shane

  17. Hi Christi
    My pizza oven has finally finished decorating and cured. It’s been a long project 😂.
    Tomorrow I will be cooking in it for the first time. I will be having 13 guest for Christmas lunch. I will be cooking turkey and pork. No pressure! Boxing Day I will be cooking pizzas.
    Wish me luck.
    See photos of my setup.
    Merry Christmas to you and a wonderful 2018.
    Marc Charalambous

  18. Hi Christi and Giuseppe,
    I installed my pizza oven last year,I am still trying to get the hang of it (if only my Nonna was still around to show me).
    Thanks for your help and service.
    Regards, Paul Terranova

  19. Hi guys
    Thanks we love our Etna oven. We have used it a lot.
    Here are some pics of our setup.
    Cheers,Lawrence Hirsch

  20. Hi Christi and Giuseppe.
    just wanted to let you know that i had my first big cook up in the gourmet oven over the Easter weekend and it was awesome! Cooked for over 20 people, doing lots of pizzas. It was absolutely fantastic and went off without a hitch! Have already cooked a number of other meals in there and cooked an amazing rib eye on the bone on grill over charcoals which was a highlight!
    Thank you for the service you provide and how easy it was to deal with you. I Can’t wait to try out the recipes in the book! Fantastic!
    Thanks! Ash.

  21. Hi guys,
    I hope this will be worth all the effort of teh installation,….. I’m sure it will. See my pictures of my Etna gourmet oven. The curing process is under way.
    Can’t wait for the cooking to begin!
    Thanks again for your assistance …. Troy Savvas

  22. Hi Guys,
    Merry Xmas!
    All is good, after a couple of not so perfect pizza attempts I think we have got it! Beautiful.
    I have put myself under a bit of pressure for xmas day.
    Doing Whole 6 kg turkey and a 3 kg pork and veggies!
    I was going to fire up, let settle to around 350, then brown off prepared turkey , then pull out and alfoil tent and put in temp probe. I think 3 1/2 hour?
    I was going to do the same for the pork but put in with about 2 hours cooking time to go?
    Turkey to have under skin butter compound, cavity filled, and sit on rack with some stock in dish.
    Pork to be rubbed and put on a bed of onions in pan with olive oil. ( no water or stock though)
    All the best

  23. Hello, Thankyou for your email! The pizza oven has been cured and we’ve actually used it a few times and the pizzas come out amazing!! And I would love to know the recipe for the light dough.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Regards, Raffaele

  24. G’day.
    Merry Christmas to you all
    Our pizza oven is getting quite a lot of use and have just finished cooking up a baked dinner and Desert for the family and friends tonight. I would love any recipes you’rE willing to share.
    All the best
    Regards Richard

  25. Hi Christi,
    Thank you for the email.
    I would love to know Giuseppe’s latest pizza dough recipe and if he has a pizza sauce recipe that he is willing to share with me, that would be appreciated also.
    I hadn’t sent you through any images of the pizza oven to date, because there had been a number of delays in completing the pizza oven bench. Now all the structural work is done and the oven was put into position this morning. Just need to tile the concrete bench top, put in a storage shelf and some doors in the compartment on the right and then we are done. I will send some more pics through when it is completed. I am seasoning the oven this weekend, so ready to get cracking making pizzas soon after. Can’t wait! Very happy with everything thank you. There has been a lot of interest in the oven since it has been installed from family and friends so I think you will be able to expect further purchases.

  26. Hi Christi & Giuseppe
    Absolutely love my pizza oven.
    My son is a carpenter and he has built the structure that will support the oven.
    The oven is currently on a support dolly waiting to be lifted into position.
    I have been taking photos along the way, so once completed, I’ll send to you.
    Can’t wait to use it!!

  27. Thank you so much, we love our pizza oven and we really appreciate all your info and help😊

  28. Christi & Giuseppe,
    At last our total project has been completed. Whilst our Etna has been and operational for a few months now we have slowly been working on the rest of the outside kitchen space. Finished the last bit of rock work over Easter and thought I’d send through a picture.
    We are thoroughly enjoying our oven – so much fun and what a great way to cook.
    Thank you again for all your help and assistance with our oven purchase, we love it.
    Many thanks and all the best,
    Mark Aponas

  29. Hi Christi and Giuseppe.
    just wanted to let you know that I had my first big cook up in the oven over the Easter weekend and it was awesome! Cooked for over 20 people, doing lots of pizzas. It was absolutely fantastic and went off without a hitch! Have already cooked a number of other meals in there and cooked an amazing rib eye on the bone on grill over charcoals which was a highlight!
    Thank you for the service you provide and how easy it was to deal with you. I Can’t wait to try out the recipes in the book! Fantastic!
    Ash Neale

  30. I am sending you a few photos of the project…we are very happy with our Etna oven
    Lee Ross
    Operations Manager
    Tender Disposals Pty Ltd

  31. Hi Christi & Giuseppe, I have found dealing with you to be a pleasure and commend you, your business and staff also who were exceptional from the first phone correspondence.
    I will be sure to speak kindly of my-woodfiredoven to anyone who ask.
    Simon Green

  32. Hi Christi,
    We haven’t had enough opportunities to go to our daughter’s place to replenish our timber stocks from her property to fuel our pizza oven. So is there anywhere we can buy suitable timber in the meantime on the Sunshine Coast?
    It’s been a wonderful experience so far and Dale is currently building timber side tables for our pizza oven. Our first pizza was awesome.
    Kerry & Dale

    Hi again Giuseppe & Christi,
    We are enjoying our pizza oven and trying to improve on our home made bases, but I think there is a bit of an art to this and lots of practice needed.
    Kind regards,
    Kerry and Dale

  33. Hi Sharon and the crew at mywoodfiredoven,
    Thank you. I received the thermometer last week- what a wonderful piece of wizardry,and very accurate.
    The wood oven is installed and I’m just finishing off the landscaping. I had to get the excavator who built the house to bring his excavator/forklift to lift the pizza oven from my trailer to the stand. No dramas – put in place within 20mins.
    I have shown quite a few friends and they are very impressed. You will probably get some referred business for your wood fired ovens!
    The next step is curing the bricks which I will do with a gas burner. After that I’ll chop a supply of old hardwood timbers ( from the frame of the old house) beautiful untreated hardwood, and store underneath the stand.
    Finally, in about a week I will fire up the oven and cook my first pizza. This is a trial run before Christmas when my family arrives at which stage the oven will be in full use cooking breads and pizzas. I am very excited to use it. I love wood fire cooking and anticipate that I will be using the oven on a regular basis.
    Next week I will send a dozen photos of my finished project.
    Thank you once again for your wonderful support through the ordering and delivery phases. I can quickly tell your company is a highly ethical and caring one. Your products are genuine and represent very good value when compared to other players in the market.
    A merry Christmas to all at mywoodfiredovens.
    PS please send Giuseppe’s recipe on pizza dough.
    Kind regards,
    Chris Cundy
    Port Macquarie

  34. Hi,
    My pizza oven is going fantastically. I’m very happy with it and the pizza and sourdough bread I’ve cooked turned out so well the first time we tried….. Thought I may have needed some practice but it went so well straight from the start. I’ve attached a couple of pics and I’m happy for you to share them if you want.
    I’ve also told some people about your website and how happy I am with your service and products. Thanks again…..
    Luke Macdonald

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