Portable Pizza Oven Maximus

What makes this portable wood fired pizza oven special is its very fast heat up time of 20 minutes, and its light weight: 55 kg.

The portable pizza oven Maximus will be your best friend on any ourdoor trip and at home: this light weight pizza oven is easily carried by two people and fits in the trunk of your car. Take it with you on a family picnic, to the beach, on a camping trip or have a wood fired pizza party in your own backyard.
Also great for everyday use at home: use Maximus instead of your kitchen oven, the heat up time is almost the same! The difference however is in the taste: your wood fired oven adds that fine wood fired taste to your meat, fish, vegetables, roast potatoes, chicken, breads, pizza.

The outer wall of the Maximus is in aluminium, the inner wall is in stainless steel. In between the double walls and underneath the floor tiles is insulating ceramic blanket. The design allows for much quicker heat up times: ca 20 min. as opposed to ca. 1 hour for brick ovens. Of course this also means that the oven will not hold the heat for as long as refractory brick wood fired ovens. Maximus features an innovative stainless steel baffle inside which makes the hot fire smoke travel back and forth inside the oven thereby extracting more heat from the hot smoke and ensuring cleaner air emmissions. This is the system employed in most modern EPA heating wood stoves, made for higher heat efficiency and reduced air pollution.
The stainless steel chimney is removable for easy transporting.
The oven floor is made of (removable) refractory tiles, and the front of the oven is in decor bricks refractory cement (Lafarge).

The neat design makes this great little pizza oven a welcome feature for your backyard, your veranda or even balcony.

Maximus – Portable wood fired pizza oven: minimum weight, maximum results!

Portable pizza oven Maximus

Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven