Orange Duck and Rosemary Lamb in the wood fired oven.
Many people still relate wood fired ovens to only pizza.But really, if you choose the right oven, you can cook anything you would otherwise cook in your kitchen oven. Watch these simple but very delicious dishes cooking in the Maximus oven.

Pizza in the Maximus wood fired oven.
This little wood fired oven is one of the most versatile you’ll ever find. Stop using your kitchen oven and enjoy the pleasure of wood fired cooking instead. The heat up time is the same, the difference is in the flavour!

How to start a wood fire.
Check this fast and easy way to light the fire in your wood fired oven. Just watch this video and see this great little trick. And if you are interested after watching the video, you can find them in our accessories page.

Focaccia in the Maximus wood fired oven.
Watch how simple it is to make your own Italian focaccia (pizza bread / garlic bread) in this great little wood fired oven. Don’t get tricked by the size or shape of this portable wood fired pizza oven, it is as capable as its bigger brothers to bake the perfect pizza!

Spit roasting in your gourmet oven Etna.
This spit roast is especially designed for our gourmet and pizza ovens Etna. See the accessories page for this Spit Roast and more pizza oven accessories.

What you can do with left over pizza dough.
My-woodfiredoven not only brings authentic brick wood fired ovens to you from Europe but also gives you tips and tricks about what you can cook in your pizza oven.

Speedy way to start the fire in your pizza oven.
See this smart and speedy way to start the fire in your pizza oven. Check our accessories.

How to install your pizza oven with a trolley lift.
There are different ways to install your pizza oven. One is with use of a hydraulic lift trolley. In our Melbourne depot we have one that you can borrow. See also installing with an engine hoist or floor crane.