About the Ovens

No hassle of assembling your oven yourself, all my-woodfiredovens come completely finished!
Our wood fired ovens and pizza ovens are enterely hand made in Portugal. Wood fired brick ovens are as old as Portugal itself. As in all Mediterranean countries people have cooked in them for centuries passing an oven from generation to generation.

The making of our Etna and Pizzaioli ovens: First a cement base is poured. The floor is then covered with natural yellow sand and refractory terracotta tiles. Then the dome is build from natural kiln-fired rounded clay bricks fired in a wood fired tunnel oven at 900 to 1000C. The total proces to become refractory bricks is 9 days. Care is taken to make the dome shape perfect for better internal heat radiation. A 2cm layer of insulating refractory cement is applied over the brick dome, whereafter the dome is wrapped in 6cm thick rockwool. The effect of this is a better heat retention and reduced exterior temperature, you can comfortable keep your hand on the oven even when the fire is raging inside. It is then overlaid with chicken wire and another layer of high quality refractory cement is applied over the insulation. Finally the oven is sprayed with a cork spray finish: this is a patented paste from 96% natural cork and 4% color and resine, which is sprayed on the outer surface of the ovens. Being a flexible material, it helps avoiding excessive cracking, protects the oven from the elements, and adds to heat retention. This covering is often used for temperature-sensitive construction sites where heat insulation is important. The oven is fully finished and can remain as it is. However if you wish you can easily personalise it by applying stucco, tiles, stone veneer, build it in, or just paint it to change the colour.

The oven comes with some corkmix to touch up possible exterior hairline cracks. Hairline cracks are normal for dome shaped ovens but minimal with this oven and they present no danger to the structure or functionality of the oven.

The cooking floor of our wood fired ovens and pizza ovens is made from refractory tiles that are resistant to high temperatures. For the best results pizza and breads should be baked directly on the oven floor, as the heat retained in the refractory tiles is an important detail for the cooking process.
The base of both the Etna and Pizzaioli wood fired ovens is in 7 cm thick reinforced concrete, with a steel loop on each corner for easy lifting.

The oven doors are hinged doors in cast iron with electroplated zinc finish. The chimney outlets are in steel and have a valve which allows for smoking of some selected foods. The chimneys are in stainless steel.
All our wood fired ovens and pizza ovens come with a laser thermometer for accurate indication of the temperature in the oven and of your food.