Customer Reviews

Hi Giuseppe and Christina,
We are absolutely loving our oven! We cook in it almost every weekend and love entertaining guests with delicious food. Here is a picture if a beautiful loaf of bread we made recently.  And here is a dish I cooked with chicken, garlic, olives, white wine and bay leaves, it was amazing!! 
Kind regards,
Kim and james Lucas 😀       Etna
I just wanted to let you know that the wood fired oven is now operating - it's great and thanks for the all the assistance. Also, in the video the person uses a large pair of tongs for moving the fire / removing the kindling support and I'm wondering if I could purchase a pair which would ship when the cover becomes available. Or, if the tongs aren't part of your list of equipment, then are you aware of where one can get a similar set of tongs?
Andrew    Maximus

Dear Giuseppe & Christi;
Just letting you know how fantastic our pizza oven we purchased is. We have done pizzas, bread and roasts in it so far and loving it.
Just wanting to know, do you stock covers for the  Maximus ovens?
Regards  Tim, Kaye, Hugh & Maggie Fleming    Maximus

Hi Christi, 
Merry Christmas! Just letting you know the pizza oven arrived in good time and we managed to hide it in a shipping container on the farm. I never manage to surprise my husband but he had no idea! He loves it. It looks amazing and we can't wait to get it going. I may be able to send you some nice photos with crops in the background when it's all set up. Thanks for your wonderful customer care. 
Nikki    Etna
Thank you for a lovely product!
Steven Clare   Etna

Hi Christi!
Hope all is going well 
I will send more photos once we have finished the base but I thought I'd let you know how much we are loving the oven!
We have already cooked two chickens, a turkey and several pizzas 
I am about to attempt the cedar plank salmon too.
We will be cooking our Christmas turkey as well.
Thanks again for everything and will be in touch 
Kindest regards, Jacqui Hart    Etna
Hi Christi. Thank you so much for following up. Firstly let me say that the oven is fantastic. We have been using  it 3 days a week since install. Our pizzas are receiving great reviews. The cracks while there do not seem to have impacted heat retention or structural integrity.  Thanks so much again for the follow up. Also, as the oven is in the middle of our terrace restaurant for all to see I have been asked by so many people where I got it. I hope as a result you have been selling more to Melbourne. Guy  Pizzaioli
I promised you photos so I` m sending some.
The oven looks very very good, we tried it last weekend and it made some amazing pizzas!
Kind Regards,  Jozef Stafurik   Etna Decor
Hi Christi,
We haven't had enough opportunities to go to our daughter's place to replenish our timber stocks from her property to fuel our oven.
So is there anywhere we can buy suitable timber in the meantime on the Sunshine Coast?
It's been a wonderful experience so far and Dale is currently building timber side tables for our pizza oven.   Our first pizza was awesome.
Kerry & Dale Etna
Thanks Christi.  The area hasn't been finished yet but the pizza oven has been "cured" and as its on the stand, we have used it twice now.  The first time, we didn't have it hot enough but the next time we made really delicious pizzas followed by a loaf of bread! Both were really good. We have friends coming over tomorrow so it's pizzas again. I really think its all about trial and error and getting to know the oven. We are enjoying it and will def send you pics of the finished result. Friends also were looking to buy a pizza oven for their parents combined 60th birthdays and after some research of their own, then having seen ours, I think they will be heading down your way to purchase one similar to our one. 
Thanks again.  Wonderful service!
Cheers, Jason & Nicola Cash   Etna

Thanks very much, great service.
Kind Regards

Pauline    Thermometer

Giuseppe, The pizza's where a great success. New recipe was great, tips on oven and temp all great. Thank you very very much your are a master.
Have a lovely day. Jane x   Etna

Hi Christi,
Just letting you know the wood fired oven has been picked up and was delivered home yesterday.
We look forward to setting it up and using it!!!!
Thank you for all your assistance.
Regards, Nick and Mira Dobrasin  Pizzaioli 120

Hi Christy, I purchased a black pizzaioli woodfired oven for my husband just before Fathers Day. We had it delivered to Mudgee.
We absolutely love the oven Thank you. The pizza dough recipe is beautiful and is definitely the recipe we will continue to use. 
Cheers, Amy Nicholson   Pizzaioli

Hi Christi.  Have got the  big boy home and he looks fantastic.Susan said she could sit in the shed and look at him all night.!!!Hopefully she changes  her mind about that.!In regards to freight costs  people are aware of the costs to  get stuff into the state and the quality of your product will  encourage Tasmanians to bring them into the state.We are so pleased with him.If I could ask one favour ,could you send me a recipe that you  use to make pizza dough for your ovens.
Cheers Tony@ Susan.   Etna 120

Hi Christi & Giuseppe,
Thank you for following up the delivery of the oven for us today. Looking at it, it is just what we where looking for and compliment you on your workmanship.
Again, thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Brett & Deb Taylor    Etna

Hi Giuseppe & Christi;
Thanks again for everything. The pizza oven looks great and we are looking forward to doing our first pizzas (and roasts and breads) in it soon. 
Regards Tim    Maximus 

Hi Guys,
Just wondering the delivery cost for the oven torch would be to me. The oven is fantastic, roast pork brilliant, last night pizzas, just getting my fire skills into action.
Mark  Etna

Hi Guys
Thank you for service. Oven did arrive around 2 pm so thanks 
Il be sure to recommend you guys. 
Kind Regards , Marcel Tigani, Director Ralcron Pty Ltd  Maxi Maximus

Thank you, yes pizza oven the best for entertaining, use all the time ! 
Cheers, Jodie    Etna
" Jodie bought 4 ovens from us, first one for herself, then for her family"

Good Afternoon,
I bought one a few years ago in which Giuseppe helped me push it up into my backyard. I loved it so much and used it nearly every weekend. Since moving to Townsville 6 months ago I believe it's time to get another one to enjoy. 
Cheers, Glen
Hi Giuseppe & Christi,
Loving the oven now that everything is settled in. I've become a little rusty however I'm getting back into the swing of things.
Regards, Glen    Pizzaioli
"Glen bought another Etna from us years ago but then moved homes and realised he missed his oven, so he bought another one"

Christi, Yes everything is going well – installation of the oven is done – all went very well.  Thanks so much for all your help. I still have work to do to complete the total project – building a wood fired BBQ alongside the oven and doing some rock work to face the blocks.  I have attached an initial installation photo for you and will send through more photos when the project is completed.
All the best, Mark   Etna

Yes have been enjoying the oven, nearly have our outdoor kitchen complete just a little tiling to go. Will send photos as soon as finished. {THINK YOU’LL BE IMPRESSED} 
Cheers for now , Russ.  Pizzaioli

Thanks very much Christi for all you help. I will send some photos when all completed.
Hi Christi finally got it all finished here is a photo of it. Thanks again.
I used ceasarstone as I don't get much sunlight under that area. I've been really happy with the oven and have recommended many friends and family to you guys. Hope you get some sales from them.  
Cheers Damian.  Pizzaioli

G'day, love the oven!!!!!
Fired it up yesterday and it was a fantastic success!!! I've attached a few photos.

Once again thanks very much
Dan Fell  Maximus  

Hi Christi hope everything is well,
Yes I was able to pick it up on Thursday and the very nice lady at the depot was very nice and friendly.
In case you were wondering, Yes the maximus can fit in the back of a Honda Jazz Hatchback with the backseats all folded down. see photos
I'm going to cook in it today for the first time as I have been slowly curing it for the past 4 days. Exciting!
Joshua Ymana  Maximus

Hi Christie,
thank-you for all your help and great service. I am overseas at the moment but when I get back I will send you some nice photos of our kitchen which is now complete.
We are up and running and hope to enjoy our oven for many years to come.
Kind Regards, 
Alvaro   Etna 120

Thank you again for everything, whenever someone asks us for an oven will direct them to you 
Monica Santos  Etna 120

Hello Christi
I have sent you photos of our completed outdoor dining, has come up a treat.
Kind Regards
Tony Di Prima
Product Support Representative
Mechanical - Trucks   Etna

Thank you. It looks fantastic. We haven’t installed it as yet as we need to have a sheet made up for it to sit in the brick BBQ. It should be up by next week.  Can’t wait for the pizzas and homemade bread.  Will send you pics when we have put it up.  
Many thanks, Glenn  Etna

Hi Christi, 
Happy new Year! We and our friends especially are loving pizza nights in our Etna oven . Still working on my roasting skills the 1st we ate at 10.00pm as my fire and timing were out the second at 7pm but a bit too well done after resting meat.

Regards, Karen Russell  Etna 

Hi Giuseppe & Christi attached is a photo of the pizza oven I purchased from you last year.
We love it & I have nearly mastered cooking a great wood fired pizza.
Thank you 
Paul & Lesley Gleeson  Etna

Hi Christi, I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying the Maximus pizza oven. We’ve had 3 groups of people over on different weekends and everyone has remarked on the great pizzas and the design of the oven. Sitting out under the stars up on our deck and making pizza’s with a glass of red has been superb. The fact that it is light enough to move to different locations, exterior does not get very hot, is very quick to heat and very efficient with wood required to keep it at temperature is quite remarkable. The DVD and instructions and recipes are also great, and Giuseppe’s song just caps it off!  Thanks very much!
Rick and Tassia  Maximus

Best wood oven! Everyone is impressed!
Also, more importantly such great service from Christi and Giuseppe. Thanks so much.
Maurizio Bianco  Etna

Hi Christi
We are looking forward to getting this and enjoying the atmosphere of having our own oven in the backyard.
Pictures will follow once in place in set up.Thanks again for your assistance in answering all our questions.
You and Giuseppe have been great to deal with and very helpful.
Andrew and Fleur Winslade  Pizzaioli

Thanks for all the assistance and advice, looking forward to getting the Maximus fired up!
All the best,
Jonathan Lane  Maximus

Put oven in spot on weekend and cured for few days. 
Will give it a test this weekend. Looking good! Neighbour likes it as well, we'll invite him over and you may get another sale!
BB  Etna

Hello Christi
We have received the oven and it is as per your web site Thankyou.
Once I have finished I will send you photos of the finished project.
Kind regards 
Tony Di Prima  Etna

Hi giuseppe and christi,
please find attached photos of your beautiful woodfired pizza oven.  Finally finished.  It complements our house so well andthank you for such excellent service. 
Salvatore Di Leva   Etna Decor

Hi Christi, 
How are you going? just wanted to let you know we love our pizza oven. We have made bread, pizza, roast, savory.
So many of our friends has asked all about it. So we send them to your website. I have attached a photo.
Can't thank you enough for your wonderful service you provided to us.
Kind Regards Kelly Rykers.  Etna

Good morning Giuseppe and Christi
I just wanted to thank you very much for all your assistance with the acquisition and installation of my new Pizza oven, I really appreciate the time and advice in making sure it was an easy job to do. Now all we need is to get the Pizza on the go, looking forward to that!!
Take care, all the best, Howard  Etna   +  Etna Decor

Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I can't wait to start making pizza!
 Kind regards, Aaron  Maximus with trolley

Hi Christi and Giuseppe,
I installed oven last year and took these photos.
I am still trying to get the hang of it (if only my Nonna was still around to show me). 
Anyway thanks for your help and service.
Regards, Paul Terranova  Etna

Hi  Giuseppe,
We made good use over the Christmas period with several pizza nights feeding 26 odd people at a time. Everyone loves the pizzas from this oven.
I attached a photo of my setup so far still need to finish off.
Best Regards, Mark Garman, CEO    Pizzaioli

Hi, We used the oven twice over the weekend – great Pizzas !!  It will be used a lot that is for sure.
Will email you some of the finished photos soon.
Thanks, Chris   Pizzaioli

I am absolutely in love with our pizza oven....and we haven't even cooked anything in it are still curing it much to our three sons disgust as they want pizza lol....thank you for all of your help and patience...
thank you so much
kind regards
Sunnie steve and the boys  Etna

Hi Christi, we picked up the oven yesterday, now the work begins.
Thanks for all your support.Will send some pictures when it's all done.
Thanks & Best Regards Shane  Etna

Hello Giuseppe and Christi,
thank you very much for sending the oven so promptly.
I'll make sure to follow your instructions to the letter for curing the oven. Fortunately I have a bit of experience playing with fire as I have several charcoal and wood BBQs and for me curing the oven is part of the fun :)
As you can imagine I'm really looking forward to playing with "Max".
If I manage to churn out 90 second pizza napoletana I will let you know and post it in a few forums. I'm sure there would be many people interested. It might take me a while to get there though,
Fabrizio  Maximus   Forum

Hi Christi & Giuseppe,
We had our first lamb roast last night – very delicious!!! 
Do you have a recommended local supplier for the correct timber to burn in the oven???
regards, Penny  Etna

Hi Christi, Hope you are well!
Here are some pictures of our BBQ area with the pizza oven we got from you guys.
We always get comments on our pizza oven, everyone loves it and loves the pizzas or roasts that come from it too.  Thanks heaps for that, it is a beauty!
We love it.  it is awesome. 
Take care, Leanne & Daniel Raddatz   Pizzaioli

Hi there Giuseppe & Christi
We finely finished the project & are up & running making the best pizzas we
ever tasted its taken a while but we got there once again thanks & I have
attached a few photos for you to look at and use in adverts if you wish ...
Cheers steve & Christine ...    Etna

Hi there! 
Thanks for the wonderful christmas email!! 
We had all our friends over after christmas for pizza! It was amazing! 
Just wondering if I could grab a postage quote for the pizza peel twin set.
Chat soon:-)
Regards Ash Marsland  Etna

Hi Giuseppe and Christi just writing to you to say a big thankyou the pizza oven has been amazing we have had some good nights as a family around the oven, thanks again. Nora  Maximus with trolley

Buona Sera
Fantastic! Have spent the last 13 yrs in gelato, espresso e panini bars.
I'm so very glad to have come across your business. I wish you the very best.
Michele Biscotti   Maximus

Hi Christi
Yes it arrived yesterday. Thank you for following up
your service has been fantastic.
Craig and Amanda  Maximus

Thanks a lot for your email! We will definitely contact him. 
Ps we loveeeee cooking in the wood fire oven, it's the best! :)Adrian & Vanessa   Etna

Hi Christi,
Thanks for your email and also assuring the delivery was on time. We had a successful party and everything worked out well. 
Regards, Jason  Etna

Hello there Guiseppe &Christi
We LOVE our new wood-fired oven, what a joy to cook in!
We cured it nicely, can't believe how little wood is needed to keep it hot, and how quickly the pizzas cook....should have bought one years ago.
Here's a picture of our first pizza, mushrooms, spinach, finely sliced tomato, crushed garlic soaked in olive oil, small pieces of smoked cheese and Parmesan then drizzled in olive oil.....YUM!
Thankyou for your kind help and expertise when explaining how to use the oven, we are so sure it will be a talking point at parties and family gatherings!
Take care and Thankyou again.....
Dean and Julie   Maximus

Hi Christi
Thanks for the oven. I picked it up Friday, no problems.
Now in the process of curing it.
It looks fantastic. Well done on supply of such a great product.
I am delighted with the quality and the service.
Best regards,  Scott.  Etna

Thank you for thinking of me that's great - we are loving the oven and had many friends over to enjoy it. 
Just need to tile the base but its all done. 
Kind regards 
Andrew D'Aprano
Market Development Manager  Maximus

Hi Christi,
Gaat erg goed en we zijn vreselijk druk al met de catering. 
Vriendelijke groet
Mirjam en Antonio Balsamo
Il Padrino   Maximus

Hi Giuseppe and Christi,
The oven arrived safely today and I've been giving it a low burn for a few hours. I'll do it again before firing it up on the weekend.
Really happy with it, thank you for your communication and prompt service. 
Thanks again and I've already posted my support of your good service on our BBQ forum
best regards,  Ian  Maximus     Forum

Thank you 
I wish you a merry Christmas 
The oven  is going great the people who have had one say the pizzas are great
Cheers jan McLennan  Etna

Hi Christi & Guiseppe
Thanks for the Xmas wishes.  couldn't remember whether we sent you a photo of our completed oven, so here it is.  Both our daughters & their husbands are coming up from Melbourne for Xmas & one of them is a chef, so he'll be putting the oven to the test.  We are very happy with it - have sourced a good wood supplier close to where we live.  Have a merry Xmas.
Ian & Anne Stanger  Etna

Christi, Our wood fired oven has provided many hours of entertainment and lots of food for our family since we had it installed with your assistance. I would like to extend to you and family our best wishes for Christmas and that all your New Year wishes come to pass.
RegardsBill & Jacqui Muntz   Etna

Buon Natale e un Manifico 2015 a Christi e Giuseppe !
We are so enjoying our Wood Fired Oven! Prepared all the meats today in the oven. Buonissimo!!
Anna e James  Etna

Guiseppe / Christi. 
Happy new year to you. 
First of all let me say that the oven we bought from you is excellent. We've used it several times and although we're still getting the hang of the fire building, the end result has been fantastic every time. 
Regards, Ben   Maximus

Hi there!
Meant to send you pics.
Pizzas are getting better and better!!
Thanks, Rob and Karmin  Etna

Hi Giuseppe and Christi, thanks for the email. We are still enjoying the Maximus and very happy with the purchase and of course the delicious pizzas. I'm quite happy for you to use the link to the forum to show prospective clients.
Regards Ian Hughes  Maximus

HI Christi 
We love our oven and cant get enough of it! We always put a couple of roast chickens in at the end of the night, the flavor is so amazing. We now have pizza parties and everyone loves the home made pizzas and the oven.
Lindt Goedhart   Pizzaioli

Hi Giuseppe and Christi,
It was so lovey to meet you both on the weekend. We are so excited with our pizza oven and we are seasoning it as we speak. 
It worked just as you both said, so it was rather easier than we had imagined. 
This weekend we plan to fire her up and bake. Will let you know how it goes.
Thanks again. Will be in touch.
Jane and Darren   Etna